Herald: D2D and corner meetings for all six Porvorim candidates
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D2D and corner meetings for all six Porvorim candidates

02 Feb 2017 03:57am IST
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02 Feb 2017 03:57am IST

Time may have changed the manner in which elections are planned and fought but there is one thing which never goes out of fashion – the good old election campaign. Of course stringent curbs by the Election Commission has tempered the colour and the bustle of old, but the old style people to people contact and corner meetings have made campaigning more personal. Herald hits the campaign highway to bring to you sights and sounds of candidates on the campaign trail in a daily series called ON THE HIGHWAY TO POWER

Candidates going door to door (D2D) with the following: Khaunte riding on the development he carried out; Pawaskar claims BJP did the job; MGP’s Amonkar says he is positive about winning while Valvaikar is confident of AAP victory

I am respecting Porvorkars’ request of contesting as Independent: Khaunte

With the campaign at its closing stages, candidates are going hell for leather to complete their campaigning. While many are active on the social media to remain connected with the electorates, all the six candidates chose the traditional D2D (door to door) strategy to prove they care enough to be out knocking at the door of the voters while also creating a grassroot level movement.
It was not an easy task to achieve the milestone being the first time MLA with no backing from any political party. The Independent legislator had to begin the work from scratch when he was elected to the legislative assembly in 2012 considering that Porvorim was a neglected constituency.
“When I was elected as an MLA, I had to give stress on basic amenities because Porvorim was always neglected earlier. Be it water, electricity, sewerage or garbage; there was no planning. In the last five years, things have improved and for the first time in any constituency garbage is collected door-to-door in all the three villages, segregated and disposed,” Khaunte said little before concluding the D2D campaign for the day on Wednesday.
He begins his day at 8 am reaching out to every single person followed by meetings with different groups. “I campaign for about 3-4 hours in the morning after which I hold meetings with different groups from 12-2 pm. At 3:30 pm, my team and I plan for the next day. I am back campaigning house to house at around 4:30 pm till 9:30 pm, to later hold ward-wise review meetings, interaction with senior citizens and other groups,” he said.
Claiming he has received an overwhelming response from the electorates, Khaunte said contesting as an Independent yet again is basically respecting the requests of Porvorkars.
“History is made. If a person has a will to do it for the people and work for them; you have to go as per the will of the people. People are my high command. Inspite of all the odds, our people are confident that I go back as an Independent candidate. They feel I have delivered (during the five years as Independent MLA) not only in terms of development but also taking up their voice to the legislative assembly and bringing issues of the State in the larger picture keeping the government accountable,” he stated.


People want

a constructive change: Amonkar

He was initially vying for a Congress ticket but landed with the regional Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) that reposed faith in him to contest on Porvorim seat. Rajesh Amonkar entered the election fray a little late but has managed to cover 90 per cent of the total area till early Wednesday evening. “I entered (into campaigning) a little late which is why I am lagging behind but I managed to cover 90 per cent electorates… remaining will be done soon,” he said while campaigning D2D.

Amonkar, who started his political career with the Congress, switched over to MGP after the former (Congress) did not want to contest from Porvorim. Asked whether he is happy with the response from the people, Amonkar replied in positive. “They are looking at me with a hope to bring a constructive change. Several projects are incomplete, the service road is a mess, water from Porvorim is diverted to Calangute resulting in shortage here, and villages have lost it originality. This place has haphazard developmental works,” he alleged.


I will ensure a playground, says sportsman-turned politician Pawaskar

He had just around 15 days to campaign as BJP announced its first list of candidates on January 12 and second list on January 16. Proprietor of an advertising firm, Pawaskar begins D2D at 6:30 am to finish at around 9:30 pm with just one hour’s lunch break.

“I begin to knock the doors of families, who are employed in private firms. They leave for work early after which I approach the government employees as they usually go to work by 9:30 am. I have come across a variety of people speaking on different issues,” he said speaking to Herald amidst his campaign trail.

With just a few hours left for the campaigning to end, Pawaskar had around 150 houses to complete by the end of Wednesday. “People are talking of development in the constituency, all of which has come because the BJP government rendered all the possible help despite the MLA being an Independent,” he stated adding that he has vowed the people to bring an end to deforestation, goondaism and other ill-deeds.

“There have been many changes which were completely against the government and the local people. Goondagiri, land grabbing, water scarcity, etc have been common issue. I have promised the Porvorkars to end their problems and bring all round development,” he added.

Asked how he is handling his personal life in the midst of busy campaigning, he pats reply, “I get emotional. My son is in Class 2 and I don’t have time to have a word with him. When I leave in the morning and come back at night, he is sleeping. But I don’t regret… I am doing this for my people, party (BJP) and my family,” he said.

Having represented Goa in the Under-16 cricket, Pawaskar said he will ensure a playground in Porvorim to facilitate the youths to practise in the very place instead of travelling to Panjim. Besides D2D, Pawaskar said they had six corner meetings attended by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.


Voters will 

choose a clean 

candidate: Valvaikar

Valvaikar has high hopes of his win in Porvorim considering that people by and large are unhappy with the past governments. Contesting on AAP ticket, he is confident that people will vote for a clean candidate and clean-honest party.

“The people of Goa have made up their minds to clean politics. We are rapidly growing in popularity among all sections of people and all regions in Goa because of our distinct model of clean and honest politics,” Rajesh Valvaikar said.

With a strong and cohesive team, he stated that an honest former government officer Elvis Gomes is well accepted by the people as a CM candidate. “People are embracing us. We are certain to win the election…” he said.
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