Herald: 25 of 150 IPB cleared projects commence operations

25 of 150 IPB cleared projects commence operations

29 Jun 2017 06:20am IST
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29 Jun 2017 06:20am IST

CM takes stock of projects, to meet again today

Team Herald

PANJIM: Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar today had a meeting with the Investment Promotion Board (IPB) to review the projects cleared by the previous dispensation and also help the new members of the board to understand the modalities involved in clearing a project. 

Speaking to the Herald, Ashton Godinho, CEO, IPB, said another meeting would be held on Thursday to review the projects cleared till date which numbered 150. 

He revealed that of the 150 projects cleared 25 had commenced operations. Most were expansions but there were a few brand new companies which had set up base in the State. 

The IPB, he said, always asked all the interested parties if they would recruit local employees and the earlier CM, had even visited the shop floor of certain projects and spoken to the employees in Konkani to ascertain if they were Goan. 

When asked if projects were not given permission if the promoters did not give the right answer he said it would depend on the importance of the project and the technology involved.

Providing details, he said, Titan in Verna had a small expansion in the plant that manufactured PCB, around 50 locals were recruited. Siemens set up a new unit in control and protection systems, around 20 locals were recruited. Nestle undertook a minor expansion. BPCL developed testing facilities for LPG cylinders. Astra Concrete in Madkai recruited 83 locals out of 87. Deccan Fine Chemicals earlier known as Sygenta expanded its fine chemical plant. VS Arun beverages in Sange which bottles Pepsi recruited 50 locals from around the plant. 

Putzmeister Concrete expanded production and hired 25 locals. Comscope earlier known as Andrew Telecom expanded its capacity and hired local engineers. Encube Ethical which is involved in contract manufacturing of drugs started operations. Aliaxiutilities which is involved in manufacturing fittings for pipes expanded its operations. Elbys agro commenced operations and the Models 5 star hotel in Calangute commenced operations. Merck had some minor expansion so did United Breweries. 

In what should be considered a victory for Goa, Optelvision which is the Canadian company’s first investment ouside its home base took a sublease and commenced operations with 62 of its 65 staff, Goan engineers. The company is looking at Goa as its Asia-Pacific hub.

Coke in Verna expanded its operations. Cadila Health care had expanded and commenced operations. Varian beverages commenced operations. Compton Greaves expanded its operations. India’s best single malt Paul John which is the third best in the world is prepared at a distillery based in the State. The management company KPMG he said was creating an evaluation process that would consider the unique factors present in the State. It would also look at investment, revenue and employment per sqmtr.  
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