Herald: Goa Technology Association to provide common platform for IT professionals in State

Goa Technology Association to provide common platform for IT professionals in State

16 May 2017 04:32am IST
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16 May 2017 04:32am IST


PANJIM: Though the information technology (IT) community has shown solidarity towards government policy, it never came together as a unit. Organisations like Goa IT Professionals (GITP) and GITIC have been a voice to reckon with, in the IT sector. 

GITIC, for its internal issues, has virtually become nonfunctional. Feeling the need to fill the void, the Goa Technology Association (GTA) was founded recently to represent and provide a common platform for technology companies in Goa. GTA represents a wide array of professionals from IT, ITeS, ESDM, tech, BPO and other outsourced models, solar tech, agritech sectors etc. 

GTA has its task cut out with stakeholders scattered across the state having varied needs. A state-wide collaborative effort in 2014 estimated that there are about  250 tech companies in Goa. 

Mangirish Salelkar, founder president of GTA told Herald, “I am very happy that IT, ITeS and Technology companies in Goa now have a common platform, a face and a common voice. We are not here to challenge the government and its policies but to work along with the government for creating a better ecosystem.  STPI and Nasscom have already extended their support. We are expecting something good to happen in the near future.”

Gajanan Nagarsekar, growth coordinator, GTA believes that IoT and other technology companies who are into manufacturing, will also now have a representation through GTA. Along with electronic manufacturing they will be able to encompass agriculture technology and BioTech products etc which help them work as a unified group for the upliftment of this ecosystem.

“Digital India is taking shape and the young innovative minds are helping in spreading its wings. This group of young tech companies has a vision and I will be more than happy to extend my support. These companies need guidance and support from Government for sustaining and growth. They are the drivers of development and progressive economy in the state and help in generation of employment,” said Manguirish Pai Raikar, chairman of  Assocham's  National Council for SMEs.

Remmie Azavedo, CEO of  Fabcoders in support of GTA said that it  was high time that IT company owners got together to form an association to safeguard their interests and at the same time promote Goa as a viable IT destination. “GTA will play an important role in acting like a mediator between IT companies and other stakeholders like the government, the bureaucrats, education sector, businessmen from other industry sectors etc. I look forward to exciting times ahead for IT in Goa under the guidance of GTA,” said Mr Azavedo.

Rachana Nabar, co-founder of Wizskool who is also a member of GTA said that, “Consolidation of technology industry in Goa is the need of the hour. Projects and money is going to outsiders due to lack of awareness of affordable and skilled talent available right here. The GTA team with its clear agenda and a leadership with clear goals will help us achieve just that.”

Director of Kaavay, Mohsin Sheikh is of the opinion that GTA, is an adventurous group of IT companies, which believes in actions, solely towards facilitating an ecosystem convenient for progressive IT solutions from the people of Goa, for the people of Goa, India and the whole world.

“Nobody is aware of the data about the existing companies and GTA is an attempt to reach out and get everyone under one roof. It is a platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise and also to give back to the community. Combined initiatives will be taken towards a common cause,” said Milind Prabhu, managing committee member of the newly formed GTA.

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