18 Apr 2016  |   04:42am IST

Born to start up

Goa born Milind Eknath Prabhu, 26 is the CEO of Genora Infotech Pvt Ltd. A first generation entrepreneur, he is an early riser and if not biking, he will have his day calendar in his hand. VIKANT SAHAY finds out how he destresses himself in this cyber age

This first generation entrepreneur will wake up early with a plan and get going with his start-up Genora Infotech, which is a global IT offshoring company. 

He believes in wearing one brand, which is also his passion. He says "For people its difficult to remember multiple things and my life and company has to have a one line definition. Insanely great technology partner for tech start-ups."

Not a great reader when he was still a kid, today he will read as much as he can after work hours. Biographies and success stories of start-ups remains his top priority. He believes he is actually spending time with these great personalities when he reads about their lives.

Milind believes in being healthy and would go out and exercise twice a day and sleep for seven hours. Its more important for him to be active with a 10-12 hour work day rather then working at low for 14 hours. Milind follows Zen ideology and practices Zen meditation everyday. He believes meditation helps him add intuitions for his brand and be aware of what is happening and also predict future opportunities.

He likes to treat any of his customers visiting Goa from across the globe. He would be with them during the weekends and guiding them to places like Cabo de Rama, tracks to Mainapi waterfall and to the night clubs as well. He says "Have a hobby that is just for fun." He would travel, meditate and play around with his nature photography skills on Sundays. Sometimes when things go blur he would hit the movie theaters alone, after work hours and destress himself. Although he does not share a specific liking towards music, he likes singing out loud on Atif Aslam and Justin Bieber's track' whenever he is driving and only soul in the car. He would make sure car windows are rolled up when he does that. 

BE from Goa Engineering College Milind has some interesting memories of his college life. His group would take trips to hill stations. They used to drop their SIM cards in the hostels to avoid getting those messages in foreign languages. He wouldn't tell about this to his parents and says "We always thought of their well being and cared for them and hence we thought its best for them to think that we are studying and safe in our college hostels." However, one fine day, one of his intelligent friend dialed his mom on her mobile from a PCO and they had to return back and be more careful for their future trips.  

Goa is where he draws his ancestral roots from and he has sentiments to return back to the State what the State gave him during his early days. His dad Eknath Prabhu, a retired Professor has been his biggest support and he his grateful to all the efforts he has put up to guide Milind's journey. Milind believes that he can make an insanely great brand from Goa and it will take him another five years to reach a pivotal point before he can scale up.


Iddhar Udhar