12 Apr 2021  |   04:42am IST

Consumption of good, hygienic water trending: Rodrigues

Consumption of good, hygienic water trending: Rodrigues

First generation women entrepreneur, Betty Rodrigues, the managing director of Johan’s Water Resources, was a homemaker barely two years ago. Now she can proudly say she is the first women entrepreneur in the potable water business in Goa. With her product ‘Goan Sip’ that was launched in February 2020 amid emerging COVID-19 crises, the brand that initially came in three sizes, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml, is now launched in 20-litre containers and is available at factory price if purchased directly from the processing unit Johan’s Water Resources in Colva. Team Herald finds out more. 

HERALD: What made you enter the potable water business?

BETTY RODRIGUES: The dream was to provide pure and safe drinking water transported in closed vehicles up to the customer avoiding penetration of sunrays and contamination. Our moto is to be honest with what we deliver, maintain the highest quality standards and integrity, to make meaningful contributions to the community, serve and nurture high-quality balanced and healthy lives to the consumers of GoanSip, a premium brand with ISO (International Standards Organization) 22000:2018 certification which is a rare feat achieved by the company because of strict compliance to world standards.

HERALD: How do you see the new trend in drinking water space?

BR: The people today are health conscious and are avoiding fizzy drinks. Our research tells us and we have also observed that the demand of good packaged drinking water goes on increasing and consumers are getting the satisfaction if the product is of good quality. The consumer is following the trend of consuming good, safe, reliable and hygienic drinking water which is relatively good, coming out of the most modern infrastructure and technology.

HERALD: With technology changing and new sector competitors emerging, what measures have you taken to ensure safety for your own firm?

BR: At Johan’s Water Resources, we have a team of competent laboratory technicians, production engineers who are regularly conducting a tool box talk highlighting the day-to-day trending technology. We regularly conduct formal technological discussions to keep up with the modern advancing technology. To be consistent and safeguard our own existence in the market, we just need to maintain our quality standards and hygiene, rest all follow along.

HERALD: How is your company different and what do you offer to Goa? Who are your major clients?

BR: We are proud to mention that we are different from others in many ways. First, the product that we deliver is in uniquely shaped stronger bottles, easy to handle. The factory is built on the most modern technology and contains infrastructure of the highest quality in the technological arena. Secondly, our delivery is done in well-designed vehicles avoiding direct sunrays and other contaminants till it reach to the retailers. We have a battery of well qualified lab technicians with modern chemical and micro-biology labs. Our production line is of the highest hygienic value. Our major clients are our trusted consumers as we cater to all strata of society, from small ‘gaddas’ to star hotels and general households.

HERALD: Why should water not to be exposed to direct sunrays whilst transporting or in storage?

BR: When plastic is heated, it releases its chemical composition into the immediate environment. Such is the problem with water bottles left out in the sun for an extended period of time. The heated plastic leaches the BPA (bisphenol A) into the water, increasing the consumer’s exposure to it significantly. Many environmental specialists recommend to us that if you are going to consume bottled water, do not store it in direct sunlight or in a heated environment. 

HERALD: Where all are you providing your services and how would you rate the Goa market as compared to others?

BR: Our water is all over Goa and across the borders where states as far as in Northern India are consuming Goan Sip, we are proud of this achievement.

We are also proud of our reputation in Goa where we have a very high rating for our quality, delivery and consistency of the product. We are really thankful to many of our dedicated consumers who demand nothing less than Goan Sip.

HERALD: Do you think Goa has the right ecosystem for catering business?

BR: In Goa, we have a very balanced ecosystem with an equally balanced community that live harmoniously and interact with each other in a friendly environment. It is here that we also see huge cultural gatherings and community celebrations all enjoyed with harmony. Goa has a good future for catering business with its unique cuisine, music and culture all because of the good and friendly Goan hospitality.


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