24 Jun 2019  |   04:01am IST

Kasu Assets provides hassle-free ownership for second home buyers in Goa

Goa ranks high as first choices for a second home. The issue which bothered many is maintenance of the property when vacant. Kasu Assets, led by two sisters, Jyotsna and Dhruthi Reddy Kasu, ventured into this space to provide a luxury home with maintenance and even renting out. VIKANT SAHAY finds out more
Kasu Assets provides hassle-free ownership for second home buyers in Goa


Kasu Assets, a start-up in the real estate sector, understands the complexities and intricacies of buying a second home in Goa and thereafter maintaining it. It offers convenient services to maintain the home for the client. Services such as maintenance and housekeeping, rental management and concierge services are provided to all Kasu homeowners as additional services to ease the pain of living in a home away from home, especially in Goa.

In the past, only celebrities have been able to afford a luxury house in Goa which most of the time remained locked. These homes were used during the ‘tourist season’ and would literally remain empty and un-kept, for several months.

This real estate start-up Kasu Assets not only builds and sells homes in Goa but also manages these holiday homes. It helps homeowners to rent out properties to Airbnb so they can earn a rental income when the homes are lying vacant in most part of the year.

Sisters Dhruthi Kasu Reddy and Jyotsna Kasu Reddy began their careers working for their father’s start-up. In 2012, the siblings worked with Musion India, which used 3D holographic projection technology to create live and pre-recorded holograms of people and objects on stage. Their father Kasu Rajgopal Reddy’s client list included the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, now the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who used this 3D technology during his election campaigns. Despite this success story, the two sisters realised that building 3D campaigns and having one stellar client would not be feasible as a business in the future.

Goa has always been a holiday destination for many and in 2015, during one of their frequent holidays, Dhruthi and Jyotsna realised that the State was witnessing a new clientele who wanted to own a second home, but was not been managed properly as it was mainly for investment. Realising that there was a scope for business, the sisters founded Kasu Assets in February 2017 under the guidance of their father. The name of the firm was a given – apart from being their family name, means ‘money’ in Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil. 

Bringing luxury to vacation- styled living in Goa, Kasu Assets brings forward, a sharp eye for detail to merge the warmth and comfort of a traditional family home with a spirit that is irrefutably modern. Unlike most developers in India, Kasu is less concerned with the total built-up areas but more concerned about delivering a product with the best quality, design and unique experience. 

Kasu’s commitment to future homeowners is a delightful experience, making the process of buying and after that maintaining a home a seamless one for them. Kasu is built on values such as quality, transparency, design and customer relationships – aiming to set a new market standard in the luxury real estate industry.

“We do a lot of vetting to make sure that the properties we purchase have absolutely clear titles. We do not deal in property that has the slightest hint of unclear papers. We make sure that the property is freehold, marketable and free from all encumbrances. Kasu is a brand with very strong ethics and ideals. We strongly feel that our honesty and transparency in this industry will help us surpass all our competitors who have been in the Goa market much earlier than us,” said Jyotsna Reddy Kasu.

Kasu now plans to keep adding boutique projects to its portfolio that have the opportunity to provide their client, buyer and end-user with the right balance between value, quality and luxury. 

“We plan to expand into other cities in India and even offer different types of products in the first and second home categories, incorporating technology in design and construction. We keep seeking out new and interesting construction technologies as the world moves away from manual construction practices and into robot and machine-aided construction. We like to keep ourselves updated on the developments in this space and hope to work more closely with it soon. Goa was in desperate need of good quality buildings,” added Jyotsna Reddy Kasu. 

Goa’s environmental conditions are tough on buildings. The monsoons especially have to be accounted for. Kasu ensures that their buildings stand the test of time and weather through thought and design.

Their latest products for Goa market are called Goa Vana, Zama and Zira.  Vana means ‘forest’ in Sanskrit and because of the geography of the site the property is surrounded by large beautiful trees that essentially form the landscape for the homes.  Zama means ‘peace and serenity’ in Sanskrit and the site located in Anjuna- which is a popular tourist coastal village. However, they are situated slightly away from the tourist spots and yet not too far. Zira means ‘jeera’ in Sanskrit, the popular Indian spice. This was the first thing they encountered on the site which is located in Reis Magos, an up-market and posh locality in North Goa in a background of a green hillock- a stone’s throw from the coast, which is also very close to the hustle and bustle of Candolim and the project here is yet to be launched.


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