05 Sep 2016  |   06:31am IST

Living life to the fullest

He is the man about town. Present at all the do’s and working long hours as promoter of Sunset Getaways. Lyndon Alves spoke to AJIT JOHN about his motivation and passion and how he keeps it all together

Music plays a very important part in his life. It keeps him happy and his taste is quite eclectic. With the exception of jazz he listens to all genres. He promotes techno music through his Soma Project which gives him great satisfaction and provides the people of Goa with an insight into techno music. Given his lifestyle, he does not have the time to peruse books. He however is a fan of Paulo Coelho. 

Lyndon’s travel schedule means he is in aircrafts for long stretches of time quite regularly. It means he also watches a lot of movies in flight and otherwise. He enjoys action movies and ones laced with humour. Gods of Egypt and 100ft road are some of his favourites.  

As someone in the hospitality industry, he enjoys travelling and has recently returned from Greece where he spent two months travelling across the various islands partying and relaxing.  Like anyone who lives in Goa, Lyndon loves his football and as someone now associated with FC GOA he supports it though at the international level he is a fan of FC Barcelona. He likes his tennis too. Asked what he intended to be doing in five years he smiled and said “In Ashwem on the beach sitting in my villa enjoying the breeze.”   As he puts it, he would like to live each day in the best possible manner and ensure the place one resides in benefits. 


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