Herald: Our belief in artists, our core competence: Nihal

Our belief in artists, our core competence: Nihal

29 Oct 2018 06:29am IST
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29 Oct 2018 06:29am IST

For a painter or an artist, after they finish their work, their man-Friday is the person who will protect and frame their creation. Late Sayed Abass realising this natural affinity between the artists and the framers started framing art as early as 1932. VIKANT SAHAY stepped in the same showroom of Sayed Abass at Panjim square to find out how with the changing times the newer generations have evolved in the photo framing business

Goa has always been associated with art and one of its most famous artists Mario Miranda does not need any introduction. However, artists have their issues too. After their work is done and dusted, the immediate support system they require is framing their creation. Here comes the role of frame makers who not only enhance the picture by framing it but also help the artists and buyers of art to protect it from fungal attacks and other climatic conditions which could be damage the paintings.

Sayed Abass started this business of framing pictures as early as 1932 in Panjim. Since then the shop continues to be there, opposite the Municipal Gardens, near Panjim Church. Getting raw material for making of frames was an uphill task for Sayed Abass and he used to travel out of Goa to ensure that he had enough material to help satisfy his customers, mostly professional artists those days which included Mario Miranda. Those days it was just normal wooden frames.  

The shop is now managed by Syaed Abass son Sayed Babar who brought in new elements in framing of an art with introduction of synthetic fibre frames which has changed the market completely. These synthetic fibre frames were being imported from China and South Korea which was expensive but durable.  However, lately the trend is to go back to the wooden frames as wood nowadays are better seasoned than it was during those early days.  

“Even though this business was started by my grandfather, my father Sayed Babar took it to the next level. He really believes in art and in fact he helped many of the artists during their initial struggle by not only providing them the frames on trust that they would pay him at a later stage but also tried his level best to promote them. And it worked beautifully. Legendary Mario Miranda was also one of my father’s close friends,” said Sayed Nihal. 

Sayed Nihal, the third generation of the Sayed family is now in a generation which believes in adding value to the business and is equipped with a qualification course degree from Fine Art Trade Guild, London on ‘conservation art and framing’.  Only nine persons in India were certified this year and this course helped Nihal to understand how framing can be done without usage of acid and hence protect art for a longer period. 

“Because there is so much value attached to a painting, it needs to be framed the right way which can be durable for at least 25 years, if not more. Even the glass which we use is UV protective and does not allow a painting to fade,” said Sayed Nihal. 

When asked about the business during a time when the world is moving towards technology, Nihal said, “This business is doing great as we have so many brilliant artists in Goa. Also, there are many holiday homes and hotels and they all require frames. In fact, we have a number of five star hotels as clients. Our growth would be around 10-15 per cent year-on-year.” 

On his contribution to his family business, he remarked, “I am still new in this business and I have a lot to learn. Right now my ideas are flying in every direction. I am still in a dilemma to figure out which suits our line of business as this industry is expanding in several directions and rapidly too. Now even wedding cards are being made on wooden frames along with several gift items. Restaurateurs ask for fork and spoon boxes. So the range is huge. We really believe in artists and that’s where our core competence lies.”  

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