Herald: We help improve parent-child bonding: Gedam

We help improve parent-child bonding: Gedam

25 Jun 2018 03:48am IST

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25 Jun 2018 03:48am IST

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Aarati Gedam, 32, from Goa is founder and owner of Bozo Books. She studied microbiology but worked as a HR specialist in the oil and gas industry in Dubai for more than a decade. VIKANT SAHAY met her to find out more about her venture

HERALD: Tell me something about your company and products.

AARATI GEDAM:  Bozo Books is a brand new concept of activity books for kids. These books are based on play-learn concept and are a great way to keep kids busy and gadget free. Through these interactive books, kids can learn daily essential activities and basic fundamental concepts like farm animals, wild animals and writing alphabets.

HERALD: How you started this venture and what inspired you to do so?

AG: After my girls were born, I quit work and decided to spend some quality time at home. Moving from the busy corporate world to a stay-at-home mom was quite a drastic transition for me. Since I have always been a crafter, I took this opportunity to use my time to create wonderful felt craft and kids nursery decor. With constant motivation and support from husband Ryan and my family, I started with my own concept of personalised activity books for pre-school and kindergarten kids.

HERALD:  How did you come up with this concept?

AG: Craft is my forte. I spend a lot of time creating useful and colourful stuff for kids as per the needs of today’s generation. I began with making cloth books but realized that it was too time consuming and expensive to sell in the Indian market. So I used the same concept and created re-usable personalised story books with engaging activities. These books were easy to print and budget friendly.

HERALD: How does your company help Goans?

AG: Bozo Books are made in Goa. Right from the illustrations to the raw material and printing is done in Goa. The books are printed by New Vision India, a printing company in Thivim Industrial Estate. A lot of local women are employed to assemble the books, thus helping with women empowerment.

HERALD:  Who are your major customers?

AG: My customers are mothers’ all across India, Gulf and Europe. Bozo Books are sold in many local bookstores, kids libraries and playschools. I sell my books online. I market on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Upon receiving orders, I ship the books directly to the customers. With no overheads or premises rent, this is an efficient and cost-friendly business model for me.

HERALD:  How is your product different from others?

AG: Since my books are based on play and learn concept, kids find it very interactive. Children have a very playful mind and as long as there is some game or activity involved with reading, they get engrossed. Unlike other activity books, Bozo Books are personalised and re-usable. Each book has several pull-out attachments which have Velcro. Parents choose to gift these books to loved ones for birthdays and other occasions as keepsakes. Bozo Books is a great way to improve parent-child bonding time thus helping improve the quality of family life.

HERALD: How do you see the Goa Market? 

AG: Goa is an emerging market. Though there is not much corporate life here, there is no shortage of young entrepreneurs with brilliant concepts. Though most people have found their niche, Goans welcome and adapt to new ideas and concepts with an open mind. I have had an overwhelming response for the books which motivates me to come up with more innovative concepts for kids.

HERALD: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

AG: We are in the transition of moving base to Goa. With friends and family, there is no better place than Goa to raise a family. I have a lot of plans to expand and venture into new books and products. I see Bozo Books being a part of every playschool and nursery across Goa and India. I wish to see my books being sold at major bookstore chains, libraries, kids waiting room or play areas in hospitals and hotels, the scope is limitless. But most important, I want to see my books spread smiles like confetti. I want to bring nothing but pure joy in every household.
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