Herald: ‘My identity, thoughts, values different from Mallya’s’

‘My identity, thoughts, values different from Mallya’s’

19 Apr 2017 10:38pm IST
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19 Apr 2017 10:38pm IST

Businessman, hotelier, media owner, liquor baron, actor and film producer Sachiin Joshi is in Goa. The 33-year old, a devout follower of Vastu Shastra and astrology entered his newly acquired property at Candolim – the Kingfisher Villa. It is just a coincidence that with his entry in villa, the previous owner, Vijay Mallya was arrested in London. VIKANT SAHAY met with him to find his plans

HERALD: What are you now going to do with the Villa?

SACHIIN JOSHI: First, I am digesting the fact that I now own the villa and for the way forward I have met with my close people and brainstorming on what to do with this property. We are currently at this stage and hopefully very soon we will arrive at something. At the moment I do not want to vaguely answer your question.

HERALD: Do you feel that the entire property will be redone?

SJ: To the best of my knowledge it was made about decade and half ago and it has an identity of a person whose thought process was different and he had a different outlook. Now I look at it in a different manner in today’s time. So definitely it will have changes in its structure and other things.

HERALD: You have acquired Planet Hollywood, Kings Beer and now this villa in Goa. It shows that your interest in Goa is building. How is your hotel and beer doing?

SJ: It is doing very well. To be honest, business should give you happiness and whatever you want to achieve gives you a positive feeling. Goa by itself gives me a lot of positive feeling, especially by the people of Goa who makes me feel that I am connected to them. When I started with Planet Hollywood, I used to be a tourist myself. But the way the local people supported me was phenomenal. As youngsters we always used to have Kings Beer which had the local Goan flavour. It was always in the back of my mind that if I had to do alcohol business then I would surely acquire Kings Beer which became a reality and today this brand is one of the fasted growing brands in Goa and the country. This gives me a confidence that Goa is the place where one should expand.

HERALD: How has your journey been, from Rajasthan to Goa? 

SJ: My father started very young in life after the death of my grandfather in 1970s. He always believed that the place that one should go is “the city of dreams”, which is Mumbai and that’s how things began. I have been brought up in Pune and the house where I used to live as a kid in Pune, shared the wall with FTTI. As an eight year old kid I used to jump over to play with students of FTTI and I was fascinated with their work and one fine day I was asked whether I would like to act. I started off then and I did about 8 to 9 documentary films during those days and my journey with cinema began as early as an eight year old. I studied different areas of cinema in London and went through various drills in different languages other than my mother tongue Hindi. I was also heavily into cricket, I was a left-arm all-rounder.

HERALD: What will be the name of the Villa?

SJ: Honestly there are various thoughts but nothing concrete has come up as yet. I am more eager than anyone to make the announcement soon. It will surely have a Vastu and astrology touch as it is science which helps to put things in right position. I would take anything from anyone who tells me that it would help you lead a better life. 

HERALD: There is talk that the villa will become a playboy mansion. Your thoughts.

SJ: I must clear it to people. They think that there is an obvious similarity between me and Mr Vijay Mallya. It is not so. He is a different person. I have my own identity, thoughts and values. The way Mr Mallya has been, people feel that it was always used for parties and had stories etc. For me tranquility, peace and happiness is more important and I will treat the villa in a similar format. I may have equity in Playboy Indian franchise but I can surely say that it is a different business altogether. 
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