Herald: GIDC in process of ironing out issues with best interest of industry in mind: Ticlo

GIDC in process of ironing out issues with best interest of industry in mind: Ticlo

29 Sep 2018 06:42am IST
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29 Sep 2018 06:42am IST

HERALD: What are the highlights of your stint as chairman of GIDC since May 2017 when you were installed?

GLENN SOUZA TICLO: Under the leadership of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar we have notified the building notification from 50-60 to 100-150 FAR. Secondly, we worked on transfer and sub-lease which was pending for a long time and the unique thing about it is that all approvals will have to be given within 21 days if all papers and documents are fine. In fact, if GTDC does not respond to an application within 21 days it will be taken as deemed approved. About 120 cases have already been cleared. 

HERALD: Land is scarce in Goa, so what measures have you taken to utilise the spaces optimally?

GST: Previously we had 15% of the open spaces but due to shortage of land this issue was taken up and under the leadership of our CM we decided to make it to five per cent which means we get a benefit of 10 per cent in our total 22 industrial estates. Next week we will be sitting on this and sort these matters. As per the Act Investment Promotion Board (IPB) will allot 40 per cent of the land available and specially those plots which will be of more than 3000 square meters. The balance will be with GIDC. 

HERALD: What measures has GIDC taken to make the department more transparent and tech-friendly?

GST: The rentals are now being accepted online through our website and we are also issuing the receipts online. This is in fact for all the 22 industrial estates. We will be in fact putting all records online. It will take some time but it will be done. We are also taking help of the start-ups. Yes there were lot of complaints but we are now streamlining everything with the help of Board of Directors, Start-Ups and our own set-up for the best interests of the entrepreneurs and industry. 

HERALD: From GIDC what can a new entrepreneur entering into Goa expect? How much land will you be having in your land bank?

GST: If you have to get a plot of more than 3000 square meter area then one has to go to the IPB with documents. If it is below 3000 square meters, we are authorised.  As far as land bank is concerned, the survey is going on at this moment and we should be having a clearer picture on this within a month’s time. 

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