Herald: Implementation of IT, start-up policies is key: Nayak

Implementation of IT, start-up policies is key: Nayak

15 Sep 2018 05:42am IST
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15 Sep 2018 05:42am IST

A 100 per cent export oriented unit Sapna Group in Goa caters to its clients abroad, mainly Europe, UK and Germany. Apart from its multiple services and mobile app development, recently the company has also ventured in to artificial intelligence and augmented reality. VIKANT SAHAY talked to the director of Sapna Group, Nilesh Nayak to know more from him about the ecosystems in Goa.

HERALD: What measures have you taken to keep Sapna Group relevant, over the last 15 years, in the dynamic IT space?

NILESH NAYAK: Sapna Group is a software company which offers multiple services. We do web development, mobile app development, server hosting, security testing and digital marketing. We have a strong presence in the UK and Germany. We have been in existence for more than 15 years. We are a team of 60 spanning three offices in Goa and one in Europe. We have diversified into Internet security which is a new area for us. We are looking at get into newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. 

HERALD: How would you rate the new IT Policy of Goa? Do you feel anything else could have been added to it?

NN: It is a very positive step. The key is to actually implement what has been promised in the policy. 

HERALD: How is your company unique and what do you offer to Goa?

NN: We operate at the high end of the web market. This allows our employees (nearly all Goans) to brush shoulders with the best in the world and enhance their own knowledge. 

HERALD: Where all are you providing your services and how would you rate the Goa market as compared to others?

NN: We are a 100 per cent export oriented unit (EOU) and we service the European markets primarily UK and Germany. Since we do not cater to the Goa market it is difficult to comment on that. 

HERALD: Do you think Goa has the right ecosystem for catering to big ticket IT companies?

NN: I think Goa does not have the numbers (candidates) that a big IT would look at. A better option would be to target smaller IT companies who specialise in high end technology whose total requirement may be less but these positions would be high paying jobs. 

HERALD: Recently Goa launched its set of schemes for start-ups. How will it help the diaspora and the ecosystem of start-ups in Goa?

NN: Every company is more than happy to receive any kind of support. So any Government support will help companies grow. It could also act as an incentive for Goan diaspora as also others to start companies in Goa. This will help generate direct as also indirect jobs in the long run.
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