Herald: Indian luxury market has immense potential: Pawah

Indian luxury market has immense potential: Pawah

21 Jul 2018 05:44am IST

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21 Jul 2018 05:44am IST

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The BMW G 310 R and the G 310 GS were recently launched in Delhi. Vikram Pawah, president BMW Group India answered questions by AJIT JOHN regarding the state of the motorcycle market at the higher end of the spectrum and about the launch of these bikes.

HERALD: BMW Motorrad had marked India as a key future market, what are the reasons behind this?

VIKRAM PAWAH: BMW Motorrad has set ambitious goals to increase its global sales to a total of 200,000 units by 2020.

In order to reach this goal, we have determined two main aspects: new products and new markets.

Worldwide more than 114 million two-wheelers, from large motorcycles to pedelecs and e-bikes are sold every year. BMW Motorrad has been very successful in the premium segment of motorcycles over 500cc which has a global market volume of around one million units.

The size of this segment will change only marginally in the years to come. The logical consequence is that BMW Motorrad will have to tap into new markets with new products for further growth. The segment of smaller engine capacities between 125 and 500cc offers the ideal fundament for BMW Motorrad’s growth plans.

According to market research findings, this market will grow significantly by 2020. It is the ideal environment to attract new customers to BMW Motorrad. Over the next few years, this segment will primarily grow in Asia and South America. India is among the top future markets for BMW Motorrad. With the remarkable growth of the two-wheeler market in India, we are excited about the great potential India has to contribute to our business success.

India is one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world and is one of the most important markets for BMW Group in the region. Though the Indian luxury market is still at a nascent stage, it has immense potential with rising purchasing power, growing aspiration for luxury brands and evolving lifestyles.


HERALD: What are the numbers being generated by the Indian market at present?

VP: In 2017, the first year of its operations in the country, BMW Motorrad has created a strong appeal among Indian customers, delivering 252 motorcycles. In 2018, BMW Motorrad has already sold 248 motorcycles within the first half of the year (January to June 2018).


HERALD: What are the launches planned this year?

VP: BMW Motorrad India launched the all-new BMW F 750 GS and the all-new BMW F 850 GS premium motorcycles at the Auto Expo 2018. For more than ten years, GS models of the F series have stood for premium riding enjoyment with typical BMW Motorrad features in the mid-class adventure segment. The all-new BMW F 750 GS is designed for riders who prefer the sensation and conceptual design of a travel enduro in combination with a low seat height, copious power availability, and powerful all-round qualities. The all-new BMW F 850 GS offers more power and torque, featuring even more distinctive touring characteristics coupled with supreme off-road ability.

With the launch of the all-new BMW G 310 R and the all-new BMW G 310 GS, we will captivate the fast growing sub-500 cc segment and bring new customer groups to the world of BMW Motorrad. The all-new BMW G 310 R is the perfect urban roadster for those who want to make pure motorcycling a part of everyday lives, whether it’s on an empty road or on the way to work. For those looking for an extra streak of adventure and fun, the all-new BMW G 310 GS is the answer. Both the offerings are set to redefine their segment as they are ideal for young people, novices, returning riders and many other motorcyclists.


HERALD: What are the challenges in a market like India?

VP: The last few years have not been easy for the Indian automotive industry. We have been continuously confronted with various challenges due to ambiguity and instability in the regulatory framework. For long-term success, the taxation regime needs to have a stable outlook. Frequent changes in government policies and tax structure are not viable for business as the realignment involves a lot of effort, time and cost. If the policy is not even stable for a year at length, it becomes difficult to make a long-term strategic business plans.

HERALD: Which category is driving sales in India?

VP: BMW Motorrad is a brand that understands the pulse of the riders, what they want from their motorcycles and more importantly what experiences the motorcycles can create for them. BMW Motorrad India offers the most attractive and comprehensive range of motorcycles in India. We have unmatched products for every customer preference including Sport, Adventure, Roadster, Heritage and Tour. Our motorcycles range from 310 to 1600 cc, from one cylinder to 6 cylinder.

The sport and adventure offerings from BMW Motorrad have in particular captured the imagination of Indian premium motorcycle enthusiasts. Now, with the all-new BMW G 310 R and the all-new BMW G 310 GS, we are ready to captivate the sub-500 cc segment.

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