Herald: Looking to develop more applications here: Sander

Looking to develop more applications here: Sander

05 Jan 2019 05:17am IST

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05 Jan 2019 05:17am IST

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It is not unusual for companies in the IT space to have their nerve centre in another country. Honest Food Company is Europe's leading ‘Ghost Restaurant’ chain. Their IT nerve centre is based in Panjim. AJIT JOHN spoke to Janosch Sander, chief technology officer about the company and its plans in the near future.

HERALD: What does your company do?

JANOSCH SANDER: Honest Food Company is Europe's leading ‘Ghost Restaurant’ chain. We are revolutionising the market for online food delivery. Ghost Restaurants are our digitally optimised delivery kitchens from which we ship food designed specifically for delivery under different brands - with no guest room and without the drawbacks of a classic restaurant. Customers can order online exclusively through our own websites and through delivery platforms such as Foodora and Deliveroo. In short it can be said that we are building the future of online food delivery and the main focus of our daily work is to build great processes, hardware and software to support and monitor every step of food production and delivery. Our take on handling the complexity of sending out ten thousands of dishes every day over hundreds of kitchen locations is to heavily focus on technology. We are focussed on the Austrian and German markets presently and here in Goa we manage the IT requirements of the business. We have a customer care team in Berlin, we track everything from here.

HERALD: You supply ingredients to restaurants. Have you branded it?

JS: We have five brands. Baba Noni which is traditional Arabic cuisine with modern European influences, Mamacita which is Mexican food, Beste Freunde which is juicy burgers, crunchy salads and the best fries, Holy Chicken as the name suggests chicken with natural ingredients and Blatt gold which is bowls of fresh salad.

HERALD: What are the challenges you face operating in Goa?

JS: Setting up operations, we needed an Indian partner, it gets easier. Then there is recruiting where there are totally different challenges between recruiting in Germany and in India. It is also one of the reasons why I came here. For key positions in Europe I might get three resumes in three months of which one of them will be good which is a very high ratio of finding a good person. In India, I will get three hundred of which I might not get even hundred will be good. I want people who can manage themselves, who are passionate about what they do and would like to work in an open environment. The people who come usually expect guidance, want someone to watch over them and would like to report to a higher manager.

HERALD: Do you have local staff or from all over?

JS: Here and from all over. My team comprises five members.

HERALD: How do you find the quality of candidates you have interviewed?

JS: We have several rounds of interviews. Our HR manager calls them and checks their attitude, the reason they want to shift. For me, I want to find what their motivation was to join my company. I usually ask them if they know anything about my company and if they don’t, it’s not good. It is also important to know if they can fit in this atmosphere. We have several rounds of interviews and we then decide. We have made mistakes.


HERALD: How easy or how difficult is it to set up a business in Goa?

JS: I will say it is not too bad, it is not easy nor is it difficult. The government has several policies to benefit start-ups but I don’t know anyone who has benefitted from them.    


HERALD: What are your plans for the next five years?

JS: In case of start -ups, I will look at a two year window. I will be based here, grow the business in Europe, develop more applications here.

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