Herald: We will help patent ideas and products: Noronha

We will help patent ideas and products: Noronha

28 Jul 2018 04:04am IST
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28 Jul 2018 04:04am IST

Goa State Innovation Council takes up a positive move to help build the ecosystem in Goa. VIKANT SAHAY talked to the Chairman of the Council, Jose Manuel Noronha, and understood that Goa offers many facilities to young innovators and start-ups to scale up

HERALD: How is the Goa State Innovation Council contributing to the State?

JOSE MANUEL NORONHA: The Council was set up about ten years back and I am the third Chairman of this Council. It has been set up by the National Innovation Council and the main objective is to develop the ecosystem for building of innovation among youth. We are also engaged in setting up a portal for the benefit of the people. We have also set up a secretariat at Don Bosco College of Engineering where we have a full dedicated staff. In fact the portal was launched by the Chief Minister only two weeks back. As of now 38 ideas have been uploaded on this portal and it is being assessed now by the project officer and his team.

 HERALD: What are some of the highlights of the work of Council?

JMN: We have a facility by which we help start-ups to patent their ideas, innovations or products. We assist them in patenting. The other major activity that Innovation Council has done so far is that we have hosted a large number of boot camps throughout the State in several colleges. We have so far trained almost 2500 students on start-ups, innovation etc. 

HERALD: What help can Innovation Council offer in terms of patenting a product or an idea?

JMN:  You can patent a product for two reasons – either of sale or for scale. Government of India provides 50 per cent incentives for the patenting cost. However, cost is not much of an issue as against the time which the process takes. It takes two to five years to get a product patented. We try to shorten the waiting period. 

HERALD: What are the recent innovations and ideas in Goa that caught your eye and what is the potential here in Goa?

JMN:  Though Goa is a small State, we have a large number of technology institutes. Roughly there are about seven degree institutes in the State. About 2500 graduates come out these institutes every year. The innovations that we see right now in Goa, is mainly IT related.  So far nothing of hardcore engineering innovation has come out.

HERALD: Why would a start-up or an innovator come to the Innovation Council?

JMN:  If one has a product, idea or a process which one believes that it is innovative then there has to be at least three elements attached to it – New, Unique and Utility and that is what we consider as innovative. We will help them to patent their product. Secondly, we will help them reach from the stage of innovation to the stage of producing that innovated product and lastly we will help them in sale and scale of the product. 
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