15 May 2019 04:39am IST

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Aditi Malhotra

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15 May 2019 04:39am IST

Report by
Aditi Malhotra

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Like another great of her nation, of a bygone generation, writer Ernest Hemmingway, Rachael Jones, without perhaps quite knowing so, had begun on a similar path, travelling and living in different countries, making each her home. But it was India and specifically Goa, which caused this rolling stone to gather moss and memories infusing life to her blog which became her identity ‘Hippie in Heels’. For the new generation, digital nomads and travellers to Goa and India, she was the first and last stop. This responsibility bestowed on her led to the production of a massive ebook on India, a 1,00,000 word masterpiece, which is the ultimate guide to any India bound traveller. As she wrote about her work “I’m positive you’ll have a killer trip if you use my ‘no BS’ guide.” Tragically, Rachael will no longer be around to get feedback from travellers and hundreds in Goa who loved her work and her

This post shared on Facebook on May 12

broke the Internet and left the blogging and traveller’s community is shock. Rachel Jones, more popularly known as ‘Hippie In Heels’ left the world for her heavenly abode on the May 12.

She was not yet 30.

The news was broken by her fiancé Ben through her Facebook page. The reason for her death has not been disclosed by the family and probably they are too much in a state of shock to talk about it any further.

Rachel spent a lot of years in Goa and she was here till last year, before finally moving to Mexico. Her blogs about Goa have been very inspirational and helped thousands of travellers from across the world to know Goa better and plan their holidays basis her suggestions. In her young age, she achieved so much with her writing; she travelled to more than 40 countries and pursued her passion leaving behind a career in nursing.

On her passing, her Facebook is flooded with condolences from all over the world. Everyone is saddened and shocked by her sudden demise but most importantly, the blogging community who looked up to her for inspiration and the travellers who eagerly waited for her blogs to plan their trips are devastated.

Sapna Sahani who owns a PR firm says,” I worked with her on many occasions. She was very professional, authentic and had great taste and style. I was very sad and surprised to hear the news because she was very young. She lived in Goa for years and just recently moved to Mexico.”

But she returned recently for a visit and wrote a series of Goa blogs, which were nostalgic endearing and captured a flavour of Goa that very few foreign writers or tourists have managed to do.

‘Hippie in Heels’ was loved as one of Goa’s own

Sharing his feelings on Facebook, writer, entrepreneur and former RJ Mark Rocha said, “Rest in Peace Rachel. Your life was an inspiration to all of us.”

Her last post on Facebook was on May 2, where she wrote, “Happy May! I’m leaving tomorrow for my #BacheloretteParty and couldn’t be more excited. The nails are a hint... where am I going! Comment with your house if you know!”

Rachel was all set to get married to her boyfriend Ben later this year and who knew the happiness and excitement around her Bachelorette and Marriage will turn into lifelong mourning.

The family wishes to continue her legacy and wants to build a community of bloggers who can regularly contribute blog posts and travel tips on her blog and help keeping her dream alive.

#RIP Rachel, Your Loss Will Never Be Filled

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