Herald: Love may be blind, but it surely sounds sweet

Love may be blind, but it surely sounds sweet

21 Apr 2018 04:09am IST
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21 Apr 2018 04:09am IST
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Competing with the likes of hit songs like ‘Despacito’ is a new catchy number making a big impact on the Goan music scene – ‘MogKudd’ddo’ by Kuwait-based Goan singer, composer and producer Friz Love

Friz Love is no newbie to the Goan music scene, having

already released a number of songs over the years, and a couple of albums as well – including his recent hit, ‘MhakaKiteakPoddla’, which was released in December 2017 and based on the issue of coal mining in Goa. His new song, ‘MogKudd’ddo’, along with the accompanying music video, has already garnered a lot of attention, having hit more than 50,000 views on YouTube, post its recent release on April 7, 2018.

Having noticed all the attention drawn by Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’, with its simple but foot-tapping score, Friz was inspired to come up with an original song of his ownthat would combine the beats of catchy commercial western music with his mother tongue, Konkani. The result: ‘MogKudd’ddo’.

“Today’s youth are more inclined towards Western music. I thought, why not give them the same taste in our mother tongue?” he says, talking about his new track.

The theme of the song is love – more specifically, the blindness of love, that cares not about differences in colour, creed or social status. It is only people who create those differences. “In fact,” he says, “Love just happens between two people, true hearts who fall for each other,” which is what his song aims to highlight. The lyrics tell the storyof a love being thwarted by external factors like family and society. Inspired by the popular song ‘Rude’ by Magic, Friz wrote his song along similar lines, albeit set in and suited to the Goan context.

Excited by what he’d come up with, he was seized with the desire to make a music video as well. Released a couple of weeks ago, it brings the love story described in the lyrics to life. The video stars Friz (also featuring his vocals) and newcomer Valencia Rego, and features Robert de Calvim in the role of the father. It is produced by Johnny D’Cunha, with cinematography by Jules Goes and VaradKamali (for drone photography), and music arrangement by Cannon D’Souza, who happens to be Friz’s brother.

Upon releasing the video, Friz has been overwhelmed by the response he received from people around the world, and his gratitude for the support knows no bounds. “You guys have made this song a successful one for me,” he says. “All I wanted is to bring newness to our Konkani music and I am glad people liked it and appreciated my little effort,” he adds.

With another catchy song and vibrant video added to his repertoire, Friz hints that there is a lot more where that came from, with future hits by him looming on the horizon. One of his major aims is to get Goan music recognised on a global level. He had a dream and he believed in himself, he says, and holds that other Goan artistes must be encouraged too, in order for them, like him, to achieve their own dreams, and to raise the calibre of Goan music-making in general. For now, he is revelling in the success of his new song, which is available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

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