Herald: 149th Mahindra Great Escape concludes successfully in Goa

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149th Mahindra Great Escape concludes successfully in Goa

10 Jul 2018 06:17am IST
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10 Jul 2018 06:17am IST
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The 149th edition of the Mahindra Great Escape,

one of India’s most popular off-roading adventures, concluded successfully in South Goa with over 50 vehicles from the Mahindra stable manoeuvering the challenging route. The event received an overwhelming response from the off-roading community with Mahindra vehicle owners from all parts of Goa and neighboring areas participating in the rally.

The rally was flagged off at 9:00am from Club Mahindra Varka, Salcete, South Goa. Participants entered the event in Boleros, Scorpios and Thar 4X4s- proving yet again the ruggedness of vehicles from the Mahindra stable. These iconic Mahindra SUVs negotiated the arduous terrain and en route, the convoy of vehicles passed through slushy rain soaked terrain and streams. The rain soaked terrain ensured that there were ample challenges for all off-roading enthusiasts.

Dattaraj Lawande (WIOC) and Krishna Bhobe (WIOC) were declared winners in the Stock Category. Earl Braganza was declared winner in the Modified Category, while Tejas Prakash Shindilkar (WIOC) emerged as the First Runner-up. In the Ladies Category, Maithili Bhobe (WIOC) was declared the winner.

Wrapped in a blanket of green, with gurgling streams and rolling hills, Goa offered a picturesque setting for a day of fun-filled off-roading. As a hub for off-roaders, Goa gave auto enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to enjoy the monsoon and tackle the challenging routes the state has to offer.

The Mahindra Great Escape was first conceptualized in 1996 as a non-competitive, off-road rally meant to encourage Mahindra customers to test the strength and performance of their vehicles on terrain other than tarmac. Over the years, the Great Escape has developed the reputation of being one of India’s most thrilling off-road events with each edition seeing enthusiastic participation from die-hard Mahindra fans and customers alike.

The first season of the Off-Roading Trophy, Mahindra’s all-India off-road championship was held in Goa in 2012. The best off-roaders from around the country fight for top honors and to win a new Mahindra Thar CRDe 4x4.

Vinod Mukala Senior manager of Mahindra Adventure, added that the event was a great event for the Mahindra customers, and also an occasion to showcase the strength of their vehicles on such terrains and route conditions to the public.

Many of the participants had taken part in previous editions and they spoke about the adrenalin rush they feel at these annual events. Earl Braganza from Curchorem praised the ‘awesome event’ and complimented Mahindra for their organisational capabilities. Speaking about his own performance he said it is his passion and that he gets a chance to show his skills and techniques while the rest the vehicle takes care of. Others like Krishna Bhobe, Tejas Prakash Shindilkar and Dattaram Lawande also spoke about their past experiences and how passion drives them as well and agreed that the annual event serves as a good platform for the participants. .

Besides the participants, the event also drew a crowd who came into watch the show with some of them being accompanied by family friends and even their pet animals. Amidst the numerous pictures taken by the bystanders, one such person, Sushant Velip said he had come all the way from Rivona to watch the exciting event for which he walked about six kilometers through a hill. While there were those like senior citizen Dayanand Naik from Keri said that they would earlier only get to see these kind of events in movies but here they get a chance to watch it live and went on to describe how thrilling the spectacle was.

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