Herald: A ‘super’ sight for Goan eyes

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A ‘super’ sight for Goan eyes

08 Mar 2018 05:21am IST
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08 Mar 2018 05:21am IST
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Following a road trip from Mumbai to Goa and then a subsequent rally from the North to South Goa, a fleet of supercars were on display at Cavelossim that left visitors mesmerised


It is common to see Goans posing in front of supercars

when they are on holiday trips abroad. On Sunday, it was the turn of foreign tourists to strike a pose in front of supercars that were on display in Goa.

A large number of impressive supercars were seen at Holiday Inn Resort at Cavelossim and all the visitors present, could not stop raving about the experience of getting upclose to see these cars personally. Enthusiasts posted videos and several posts on social media.

“Eight Lamborghinis including two Huracan Performantes and an Aventador, A Ferrari 488, a couple of Porsche 911 Carrera S, a Range Rover etc, were some of the supercars that were part of the eye candy, “said Rohan Coelho, editor of AutoBuzz Goa magazine, while describing the spectacle.

The Porsche 911 Turbo S, Porsche 911 GT3 and Audi R8 were among some of the vehicles on display, while other cars like the Nissan GT-R and a Rolls Royce were kept at Grand Hyatt at Bambolim. Earlier in the day, a rally from Grand Hyatt to Holiday Inn, was preceded by a massive road trip, where some of these supercars were driven from Mumbai to Goa via Amboli Ghat.

Prominent personalities known for their passion for supercars such as Oliver Coutinho, proprietor of Service Inn and Xavier Furtado, MD of Holiday Inn Resort Goa, attended the gala event, which was organised by Performalux, a club for performance and luxury. In the future, Performalux will hold more such performance events on a bigger scale in India and abroad, especially in European countries that will involve high-end luxury vehicles. Samvit Tara and Galgit are the founders of the club.

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