14 Sep 2021  |   05:27am IST

A family that is one of a kind

Here is family of nearly 48 members that has been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi together for over 85 years
A family that is one of a kind

Joseph Fernandes

In this day and age of quick gratification, this something that will make one to stop and think. The Zalmu Family’ in Quitla Aldona has been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi unitedly for more than 85years now. The family consists of nearly 48 members now with 9 families. The family gets united for the Ganesh Chaturthi to celebrate in Aldona. They say that although they may be away, come Ganesh Chaturthi everyone comes together at the original house in Aldona.

Ranjana Naik a family member said “We are total 48 members now and we all stay together. On the first day we welcome Lord Ganesha together since our Ganesh Idol is bigger in size. We cook a lot of varieties of vegetarian food and sweets and we sit together to eat too. Besides this on the 4th day of Ganesh we hold Satyanarayan puja. Each day is delegated to per family to celebrate the day and in this way all the family members gets chance but we all helpline another.”

Ranjana further stated that due to coronavirus they still managed to celebrate the festival and prayed for abundant blessings for all. Preparations commence a month prior with the cleaning of the house followed by the decorations, and other household works. The work has been divided amongst all family members. Some prepare food while others make sweets and this brings joy and happiness amongst everyone. She said they performed aarti, pooja, and fugdi all in the family. Now that could be some fun.

One can only wish them several more years of joy and laughter.