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A last Roar; Go Vote!

23 Apr 2019 05:05am IST
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23 Apr 2019 05:05am IST
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On April 22, a day before the elections all the state and district election icons along with the CEO Kunal gathered at Miramar for one last loud shout together ‘Go vote’. Café speaks to each one of them on their experience along the journey.



“It was fun!” Says Kunal the Chief Election Commissioner. Kunal

and the icons describe the entire journey as a festive mood towards the day of elections. “Our icons worked really well, they all came together from different fields and used their talents and passion to promote voting,” he adds.

The election icons stood proud after completing their work in all these days and have finally arrived to that moment where their hard work will have a positive outcome on polling day- Tuesday May 23. “It was like an exam for us all this while, and tomorrow our results will be shown in the numbers that people come to vote,” explains Taha Haaziq, Officer on Special Duty at Directorate of Social Welfare Government of Goa and the State Election Icon. Taha Haaziq has said that the disabled are the valued voters of this election and a lot of care has been taken for them. (The special facilities available for the disabled voters are in box below). Election Icon Agostino Fernandes, who is special himself says that he was thrilled indeed to have given many people an inspiration to come forward and vote. “I met many people, and a lot were inspired through me,” he says. He also shares his happiness on being together and spending time with all the other election icons one last time.

Similarly, Verma Dmello shares her experience, “It was absolutely a privilege for me to be a part of something so huge like this, and I feel its good they have chosen icons like us because the young they love something trending like fashion, music and movies, hence they are motivated easily through us.” As per her relationship with all the other icons, she states, “We are divided by profession and united for a cause.”

Antonet D’Souza, a teacher says, “My students too tell me in school that it’s so nice to see me their teacher as an election icon, the experience though is completely different from where I teach in the classroom and when I come and reach out to people explaining the voting importance.

Marialena Gina, musician briefs, “Goans breathe music and I did my best through passion, I live my responsibility.”

Mukesh Ghatwal whose voting awareness music video ‘Navi Sapna’ has been even playing at Inox says that his main focus were on Goans who stay abroad, “This was their only chance to vote, since they live far and only come for a while I explained them not miss this opportunity to vote.”

Sonia Shirsat and Tapan Acharya who are the state election icons display their passion and love in being an election icon and promoting voting through their abilities. “It all depends on who the icons are, this time many were chosen through different fields, and if the people listen to someone whom they know and like, they will definitely go forward with what we say,” says Sonia Shirsat.

Many election icons had also gone to a lot of remote areas where certain tribes wanted to boycott the elections due to no transport or other facilities in the far away remote areas. However, they soon listened and became patient after interacting with our wonderful election icons who appropriately explained them the importance of voting and provisions available this time. “We will be even providing them with EVM, machine all the way in those areas,” explains Bindiya Naik Cultural Organiser.

Youth election icon Akshada Bandekar agrees and says that in her college itself she inspired and created awareness among her friends. “Part of the journey is the end and I was glad to be an inspiration for all the young voters,” she says.

Actress and Psychiatrist Dr Meenacshi Martins who is admired by many around the state shares that it is a proud moment for her when she will see the number of voters voting, “Also, my experience with all these great people out here was simply amazing.” Similarly, Petrisan Andrade shares, “All the icons are so humble and down to earth and we cherished the moments we spent together as icons going about and making people aware. I request all the Goans to go out and vote today.” Pradeep Naik, Tiatristlooked at all the icons present there with him and affectionately says, “These people are just great, being with them I have come to know each one better and I believe we did a good job together.” John Aguiar, writer, describes his close bond associated with all the election icons, “Together we conveyed the message and now we are seeing people vote today”

Actress Samiksha Desai shares her views on being a part of the epic journey, “Honetsly, sitting at home I would have doing nothing, I am proud to be an icon and I learnt a lot of things along the journey.” Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwal who has been an icon even earlier had painted the whole wall outside the CEO office with contemporary art, “I promoted ethical voting through my art and even this time I used creative ways to get to the youth and adults to come forward and vote.”

Lastly, tiatrist John D’silva wishes everyone a well and happy election, “Keep in mind to vote peacefully, don’t rush, don’t be in any tension, the CEO has provided with everything this time, so vote peacefully.”

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