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A man walking to his own beat

Ronny Tavares entertaining style of presentation on stage has helped him develop an appeal amongst the audience making him very popular on the circuit
A man walking to his own beat

Pio Esteves

Solos on varied themes

rendered by Rons have received audience appeal and he has emerged as an accomplished singer on the Konkani stage

Borda-based Ronny Rosario Tavares, popularly known as Rons on the tiatr stage, was born on January 6, 1973. He completed his matriculation in Holy Spirit Institute, Margao.

Rons’ father, late Marcus Tavares, who hailed from Salvador do Mundo in Bardez taluka, used to act in tiatrs staged by stalwarts of yester years. “My father was mostly seen decked up as a girl in tiatrs presented by C Alvares, M Boyer as female artistes were a rarity then,” he informed.

“When one-act plays were quite popular and in demand, somewhere in the 70s my father would pen and stage them at Borda, during the Christmas and Carnival festivals,” Rons reminisced. After brief service in a restaurant in Benaulim, he proceeded to Kuwait in 1995, seeking greener pastures.

When late Romualdo Simoes from Morjim presented a musical show in Kuwait in December 1999, Rons found an entry there amidst noted singers like Rosary Ferns and Querobin and he presented a solo ‘Bodmas Put’, which was well accepted by the audience.

After the show, A Veronica Fernandes, who was serving in Kuwait then, mentioned in his regular contributions that among the singers, the solo presented by ‘Rons’ was entertaining and outstanding. “And since then, the stage name came into existence and continues till date,” he revealed.

On return from Kuwait in 2000, Rons released his first audio CD ‘Ranifa’ produced by V P Sinaris. And in December 2000 he decided to fly to America for better prospects.

In Texas whenever there would be a get-together for birthday or wedding anniversary Rons was always invited to entertain the crowd along with Tony Rodrigues (keyboardist) from Utorda. When a musical show was organized there, he met Normandez from Assolna and Spirito from Sao Jose de Areal.

The following year instead of a musical show, Rons penned a tiatr ‘Dev Podvedar’ and staged it for the first time in Texas, America. On return to Goa in 2007, he decided to make an entry in the tiatr field.

On the professional stage, Rons’ first entry came about in Milagres de Chandor’s tiatr ‘Mhozo Ugddas Korat’, with a small entry of a seaman and rendition of two solos ‘Bhavarth’ and ‘Tum Sudor Poilo’. Next, he joined Ben Evangelisto’s troupe in tiatr ‘Pez’, rendering a solo ‘Moronn’.

Rons joined Menino de Bandar’s tiatr ‘Amcho Ganv Sambhallat’ and continued with the same director for another 5 productions. Later, he joined John D’Silva’s troupe in tiatr ‘Koddu’ and continued with the director for another 6 productions.

Rons’ longest stint was with comedian Dominic when he joined the troupe in tiatr ‘Bhogos Mhaka’ and he continued with the same director for another seven productions. In between he was also available to other directors Pascoal Rodrigues, Pascoal de Chicalim, Samuel Carvalho, comedian Michael, Anthony de Paroda, Dominic Carvalho, Diogo de Majorda and late Kistu de Calangute.

Rons has also been part of the ‘zagor’ celebrations for three years which were led by Lawrence Mascarenhas (Pandu) in the Bardez taluka. Elaborating on this unique festival, he said that it would be held annually in the months of April-May as part of the Easter celebration.

“There would be involvement of 15-16 groups, all from north Goa,” Rons specified, “and each group would present two or three songs. It was more of criticizing each other indirectly and only ‘ghumots’ were being played for the occasion. The uniqueness of this festival included ‘saidh’ and ‘moriya’.”

“In olden days,” Rons revealed, “there were no tiatrs and only ‘zagor’ prevailed and it was more of a presentation of songs on the floor rather than on a stage. Later tiatrs and ‘nattaks’ were introduced in this festival.” He said that Pascoal de Calangute and Salvador Silveira from Calangute were instrumental in promoting this age-old tradition.

Apart from appearances on the tiatr stage as a singer, Rons has also made his presence felt in the musical shows presented by Melroy, Pravin Naik, Filipe Barreto and Gabby de Chandor in Dubai. He also made trips to Mumbai, Ahmedabad for tiatrs, besides UK tour with productions by Lawrence Mascarenhas and Anil/Olga.

Rons has featured in tiatrs presented by Mini Mario, Anil Pednekar, Normandez, Sanny de Cortalim, Rio de Cortalim, Jaison de Majorda, Pascoal de Chicalim and Irineu Gonsalves.

In 2020, during the Lent season, Rons released his second production ‘Asa Hanv’, which completed 30 shows despite the Covid-19 pandemic. And in October 2021 he came about with his third production ‘Bhav Bhav’, with shows in the cities and villages across Goa.

Pushing aside political songs, Rons enjoys penning songs carrying general themes, which include solos, quartets, trios, duets and duos. In his solos he will introduce the subject to the audience and conclude with a message.

Rons has always enjoyed compositions by S Lemos, Jr Rod, Bab Peter, Edwin D’Costa and Lawry Travasso. Of late, he has found tunes utilized by Ignatius de Xelvon in his songs very impressive and he said that he tries to incorporate them in his songs.

With his business of lodging at Benaulim beach, Rons is financially sound and his involvement with the tiatr stage is out of passion. He believes that God-given talents need to be put to use for the service of humanity and greater glory of God.


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