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A murder can never be hidden

A murder can never be hidden

Pio Esteves


he curtains unfold to a scene wherein Iscariot Monterio (Vilton) is put behind bars for murdering his wife, Sarita. But when interrogated by PI Rohidas (Peter Colaco), he bluntly denies the truth.

After a while, Iscariot’s sister-in-law Romila (Dola) comes along with advocate Mesquito (Romeo) and frees him on bail. Plans are made to hand over Iscariot’s teen son Lincoln (Amriz) to advocate Mesquito for adoption.

While Romila’s husband (Jose) is abroad, due to extra-marital ties with Romila, Vilton murders his wife and ties the knot with Romila’s younger sister, Eslinda (Sonia).

After adoption, Lincoln feels unsecured in the company of advocate Mesquito and his wife (Sandra). And that harsh treatment from adopted parents prompts him to seek refuge in the house of his grandpa Lazar (Menino de Bandar).

Lazar takes utmost care of his grandson Lincoln and educates him to the best of his abilities. After his studies, he becomes a lawyer and decides to fight the case of his murdered mom in the court.

Will Lincoln succeed to punish the murderer of his mother? Will he fight the case against his own father? What is the outcome of all the struggles that Lincoln has to face while seeking justice for his deceased mother?

Menino de Bandar’s non-stop production ‘Besanv Nam Pesanv’ has an interesting story about two siblings and their spouses. Extra-marital ties unfold, with several developments and horror incidents unveiling in the second half of the play.

All the artistes have played their respective roles in a convincing manner. Vilton, Dola, Maxie in the lead roles give their best. Child artiste Amriz is at his best, both in dialogue delivery and body language, and win hearts of the audience in the first half. Menino de Bandar, Romeo, Sandra (double role) and Peter Colaco as PI Rohidas are supportive to the main cast. Jennifer makes ghost appearances in the second half and is worth watching.

In the comic acts, Bebo (comedian Humbert) and Katarin (Sandra) are found in two different families and when Humbert join hands with Alwyn, there’s a laughter riot among the audience.

The opening song is rendered by Jennifer, followed by solos sung by Jose, Peter Colaco and Menino de Bandar. The live band led by Edrol and team have provided good music to the songs.