21 May 2024  |   03:24am IST

A stupendous season ends satisfactorily for some

The EPL Season has just ended with Manchester City taking home the trophy for the fourth time. Goans fans had a lot to say about the season as well as the performance of the teams they followed and of the others
A stupendous season ends  satisfactorily for some

Chelsea's 2023-24 season concluded with mixed results. Under Mauricio Pochettino's leadership, our team showed glimpses of brilliance but struggled with consistency. Key players made notable impacts, yet injuries and fluctuating form hindered our progress. Palmer and Jackson, in particular, showcased their potential with crucial goals and assists. Despite a strong push in the Premier League, my team finished outside the top four, missing out on Champions League qualification. This season highlighted the need for further squad reinforcement and tactical adjustments for future success

Maison Dias, Chelsea fan

Manchester United had many ups and downs in the 2023-24 season. It was not the season we expected, as frequent defensive errors led to conceding many goals. Despite numerous injuries, the team tried their best to win games. While it wasn’t a great season for Erik ten Hag, his good coaching helped us secure important victories and gave young players opportunities at a massive club like Manchester United. Looking ahead, the team needs to improve their defense and adopt a winning mentality. Manchester is red

Aloysius faleiro, Manchester United fan

This season has been a rollercoaster ride for us with moments of triumphs, standout performances and defeats, particularly against rivals. Nevertheless injuries, frustrations, ups and downs, inconsistencies tempered our form and team. Despite falling short of a top-four finish in the Premier League this season and securing a spot in the Europa League, progress is evident and the future holds good for us. 

I am extremely happy as the Spurs team built confidence and came up stronger in the closing matches. Looking forward with hope, there's renewed optimism for future success and glory. I wish the club all the very best next season

Kennedy Mascarenhas, Tottenham Hotspurs fan

Everton have faced a number of challenges this season, after being penalised with two point’s deductions in one campaign, but our manager Sean Dyche still managed to lift the Toffees to a 15th place finish in the Premier League. This was not a great season for us but nevertheless we have managed to win 13 games and 9 draws. Our players have got a lot of potential to do better and even win the league title. I'm happy that we escaped relegation. We will come back stronger and win the title

Cidroy Fernandes, Everton fan

The 23-24 Premier League season proved to be a tumultuous journey for Liverpool FC. Departures of key players like Henderson during the summer transfer window prompted Klopp to rejuvenate the squad with fresh talent. Despite their remarkable comeback victories and indomitable spirit, the announcement of Klopp's impending resignation cast a pall over the team, especially after leading the table for a significant portion of the season. As the campaign progressed, a series of losses and draws ensued, ultimately resulting in their exit from all title races. Klopp bid an emotional farewell in his final match, leaving behind a legacy that solidifies his status as one of the club's greatest managers in decades

Savio Baretto, Liverpool fan

This season was a bumpy ride for the Manchester United supporters as it didn't go as planned both on and off the pitch. “The theatre of dreams" has really turned into “theatre of nightmare" for us, but nonetheless we believe in our team. I pray and wish all the best for the next season and I do believe that "the Red Devils" will rise back and will come back stronger. Love you Reds

Nion Colaco, Manchester United fan

This year like the last, the Newcastle football team, I feel have performed well, ending up 7th on the leaderboard. I’m a bit disappointed. We didn’t qualify for the Champions League. Nevertheless, it is satisfying to know that our striker Alexander Isak is one of the leading scorers of the tournament. We still have a lot to improve in our defense line, but I am sure Eddy Howe will look to it next year. Looking for a better season ahead. Go Magpies
Dion Rodrigues, Newcastle fan

As an arsenal fan I'm happy with the team's performance this season. With the new vision and signings we managed to take the fight till the end but it was not enough to bring back the title in North London for the first time in 20 years. The improvements in both attack and defense were evident, and the squad's cohesion and fighting spirit have been commendable. Participating in the Champions League and reaching the quarter finals was a huge achievement. Though we could not achieve our goals I am proud as an arsenal fan for creating many memories and setting club records this season. We will come back even stronger with new zeal and enthusiasm next season
Canjoy Fernandes, Arsenal fan

History in the Premier League. Four in a row as Manchester City has set the winning flow. Who knows how far we will sail with Pep and his crew. I am so glad and happy that we have won another title with a dramatic finish in the title race with rival Arsenal. We have been the best team in the world and the players have proved why they are the best. The performance of the team throughout the season has been incredible and absolutely fantastic and entertaining. I wish them all the best for the next season and continue the flow of winning and keep on the legacy of being the best team in the world
Caron Cardozo, Manchester City fan

As a devoted Manchester City fan, I'm thrilled with our finish this season in the Premier League. Securing the title again showcases our consistency and excellence. The performances of key players, including Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne, were outstanding. The defense was solid, but I believe we could improve our depth to handle injuries better. Pep Guardiola's tactical genius remains crucial, but perhaps we could have rotated the squad more to keep players fresh. Overall, it's been an incredible season, and I couldn't be happier with our achievements. Go City!
Astle Gonsalves, Manchester City fan

I'm very happy that Chelsea have qualified for European football. Even though at the initial phase we didn't have a very good season I always had faith in Chelsea. My support will always be for Chelsea in good and bad seasons. All the best for the next season. Once a blue always a blue will come back stronger to win it all
Bevan Rebelo, Chelsea fan

Liverpool captivated the hearts of many at the start of the season with our extraordinary performance. Reflecting on our journey, it’s clear that our efforts were exceptional, and though we deserved more, we did secure a piece of silverware. We came so close to achieving even greater heights. Hats off to our players and our academy for our dedication. It’s a bittersweet farewell to Klopp, who brought us so much joy, but I am confident that we will come back stronger next season. Liverpool, we never walk alone
Sheldon D’souza, Liverpool fan

Agony and Pride having Arsenal's Near Miss in the Premier League. Arsenal supporters are left with a complex mix of emotions after their season finale. The Heartbreak of finishing second, so close yet so far from the Premier League title, is a bitter pill to swallow. Second place with 89 points is their second-highest-ever Premier League finish, a testament to Mikel’s rebuild. They were arguably the best team in the league for stretches, playing some exciting, attacking football. This young Arsenal team is hungry and has a winning mentality. Arteta has them playing with a swagger, and with some minor adjustments, they'll be genuine title contenders next season. While second place stings, there's a strong foundation for future success at the Emirates
Wayne Fernandes, Arsenal fan


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