Herald: A taste of the rising sun in your bowl

A taste of the rising sun in your bowl

14 May 2019 03:40am IST
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14 May 2019 03:40am IST
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YakiZushi, nestled on the Sangolda road serves some

great Japanese food and is especially known for its ramen bowls. The ambiance gives a very traditional feel; use of bamboos and typical Japanese structures is predominant and the melodious Japanese music fills the environment with a very inviting vibe.

The meal began with a serving of rice wine called Sake and was soon followed with Okonomiyaki, which is like a pizza that can be topped with various ingredients. The name is derived from the word okonomi, meaning “how you like” or “what you like”, and yaki meaning “cooked”. The base is usually fried and not baked like a pizza, but the overall presentation is quite similar. It tasted more like a potato pancake topped with veggies and oriental sauces.

Enso, a Japanese Whiskey was served with the next course, which included a grilled tuna ceviche with gohan rice ball. The ceviche was delish and definitely a must try.

A unique wasabi mocktail was accompanied with a bowl of ramen for the main course. The best part about YakiZushi is the fact that they allow you to completely customize your ramen bowl. Right from the type of noodles, to choosing your meats and veggies, sauces and oils, you can simply mix and match the ingredients and create your own kind of ramen bowl.

A sizzler dessert that comprised of darsan, ice cream and cake was the highlight of the meal and is highly recommended. Both the presentation and the taste were wonderful.

This place surely calls for a visit if you are looking at indulging in some authentic Japanese food and drinks.

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