19 Sep 2023  |   04:00am IST

All Goa Inter Collegiate/HSS Tiatr Competition 2023-24

‘Uloupak Zai’
All Goa Inter Collegiate/HSS Tiatr Competition 2023-24

Pio Esteves

Parvatibai Chowgule College Arts and Science, Gogol, Margao, presented their tiatr ‘Uloupak Zai’ at the third All Goa Inter Collegiate/HSS Tiatr Competition 2023-24.

Tiatr ‘Uloupak Zai’ penned and directed by Valencio Vaz focuses on various problems faced by children and when not shared with their parents, guardians or elders, how disastrous it can be at the end.

In the tiatr, ‘Uloupak Zai’, there are three different families presented on stage and each of them has their own woes and problems. The children have their own grievances, but their parents have no time to listen to them and sort out their problems.

Dourado (Sanvi Shirodkar) and his wife Mrs Dourado (Elria Fernandes) reside with their son Savio (Harsh Samant). Mr and Mrs Dourado are benefactors of the college.

On the other hand, there is Aston (Aston Fernandes), residing with his daughter Jenny (Minoshka Fernandes), who is good at studies.

Constable Pinto (Aren D’Souza) has his son Macber (Smackton Pereira) trapped in the dealing of drugs. Pinto works hard to see the welfare of his only son, but Macber revolts and turns ungrateful to his father’s hard toil.

There are various developments taking place in all the three families and in order to tarnish the name of Jenny, her photo is made viral. She cannot stand it any longer and ends her life. What follows next is worth the watch in the second half.

Each of the artistes has given a fine performance as far as enactment on stage is concerned. They have put their heart and soul in their respective characters.

In the comic acts, there’s Fredrick (Fredrick Dias), who is related to Mrs Dourado and Medora (Medora Fernandes) is portrayed as the house helper. The twosome tries to entertain the audience. But the former appeared to be overacting and could have been avoided.

In the category of songs, there were some soulful renditions on stage in different categories. And other than the solos, duos, duets, trios, quartets and choral, there was also a sextet introduced in the section of songs and it was interactive. Macroy Rodrigues (trumpet) and his team Menino Fernandes (saxophone), Elfio Fernandes (keyboard), Seban Andrade (bass) and Jaison Castanha (drums) provided good live music, but with additional sound system brought in, it was blaring for the first half. 

The stage sets were worked upon by Anthony de Ambaji, while Sunny de Colva handled the lights. The background music was taken care of by Selwyno and Lee Saina.


Idhar Udhar