21 Sep 2023  |   07:09am IST

All Goa Inter Collegiate/HSS Tiatr Competition 2023-24

All Goa Inter Collegiate/HSS Tiatr Competition 2023-24

Pio Esteves

Rosary College of Commerce and Arts, Navelim presented its tiatr ‘Sankov’ at the third All Goa Inter Collegiate/HSS Tiatr Competition 2023-24 held at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

Tiatr ‘Sankov’ scripted by Fr Roman Rodrigues and directed by Gautam Gawde speaks about different relationships that exist within and outside the family. And the ties that grow through brother-sister relationship, friendship, ultimately culminating into deep love.

The curtains unfold to a scene at a culvert where there’s a young couple seated on one side, the girl is a Catholic and the boy is a Hindu. On the other extreme end, there’s a group of youth involved in talks, drinking and smoking. There’s another couple who frequents the place as well. An unknown character is seen in the centre serving as a mediator and provides a piece of advice to the confused couple and also tries to resolve a tussle among the youth. But in the bargain, the police arrest him and take him away, believing him to be the main accused.

After her husband Caitan (Ashwin Gomes) goes amiss and no news about his whereabouts, presuming he is dead, Catarin (Grachel Mascarenhas) turns insane. She has two children, Cantara (Advic Carvalho), who is a professor in the college and Camisa (Jones Fernandes), who is in love with Karan (Deepraj Gaonkar), a Hindu. After Camisa discloses her relationship with Karan to her brother, Cantara warns his sister as he is well aware of his character in the college. But she goes ahead with the ties.

There's a counsellor (Myron Colaco), who drops in to provide counselling to Catarin with the assistance of Camisa. Poltinn (Fiera Fernandes) also steps in as she is the maid in the house.   

On the other hand, the next scene that follows is life in Unity College, Navelim. The students are busy practicing for a dance competition and when the professor comes along, he is made a subject of ridicule.

What follows next in different situations presented on stage is worth the watch during the second half of the play. The curtains come down soon after three ‘podd’dde’ on stage, followed by four ‘podd’dde’ in the second half.  

Tiatr ‘Sankov’ focuses on varied relationships that keep growing over a period of time and sweet, bitter developments that crop up unexpectedly. From the beginning to the end, there’s a good dose of suspense wrapped in the drama and it’s unveiling at the concluding scene.

All the artistes on stage gave a fine presentation. But Grachel as an insane stood out among the rest. Advic and Jones have extended good support to the main cast. Other artistes on stage in different characters have played their respective roles convincingly well.

In the comic acts, there’s Poltinn as maid in the house and Altonn (Afileo Fernandes), who serves as a peon in the college. And the two characters meet each other only in the second half at Catarin’s residence. Exaggeration in acts and dialogues by both as individual characters could have been toned down. 

In the section of songs, there were songs in all the categories. But a handful songs, namely ‘Tanchi Vhoddvik’ by Jeliska Fernandes and a quartet ‘Niz Goenche Dhondekar’ by Sharufa, Dinora, Shane and Ansh stood out among the rest. A duo ‘Saxophone and Trumpet’ by Alroy and Yeselon had musicians singing and playing the blowing instruments on stage. The live band offstage included Edrol (first trumpet), Yeselon (second trumpet), Ashben (saxophone), Aston (drums), Cryuf (keyboard) and Avison (bass). Excluding Edrol, the rest of the musicians were all students of the college and they gave a good performance.

The stage sets were worked upon by Gizan Fernandes, Desmond Simoes and Mohan Undakoti and the lights were handled by Gautam Gawde. The background music was taken care of by Cryuf Afonso, while Raisa Cardoso worked on the costumes.


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