22 Sep 2023  |   03:25am IST

All Goa Inter Collegiate/HSS Tiatr Competition 2023-24

All Goa Inter Collegiate/HSS Tiatr Competition 2023-24

Pio Esteves

Tiatr ‘Daiz’ was presented by Kala Academy Goa’s College of Theatre Arts, Campal, Panjim at the third All Goa Inter Collegiate/HSS Tiatr Competition 2023-24 held at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

Tiatr ‘Diaz’ scripted by Agnelo de Borim and directed by Ramson Cardozo throws light on the natural treasure that’s existing in Goa by way of fields and ancestral properties and its preservation from people with vested interests.

The story revolves around a landlord (Mahesh Gokharankar), who resides with his only daughter Natasha (Shefali Naik). He also has a maid Jenny (Tania Gaikwad), whom he has adopted as his own and treats her too as his daughter.

The landlord has many labourers working in his fields and properties and they are content with the wages provided by him on a regular basis. The manager of the bank, Soares (Ramson Cardozo) steps in seeking more land for his business, after having converted one place into a prawn hatchery.

With the blockage of khazan land and the labourers already facing many hardships, the landlord does not wish to bow down to the manager’s further demands.

The manager tries to get all the employees of the landlord on his side and in his favour by luring them with promises of extra wages. But will this affect the landlord in any way? In the end who is at the loss and who is the winner?

Being trained at the college of theatre arts, all the artistes on stage have given fine performances. Each of the students in their respective roles, have put in their heart and soul in acting. With Mahesh, Shefali, Tania and Ramson in the lead roles, rest of the artistes have extended good support to the main cast.

In the comic acts, Voptesh Naik has been projected as Pascoal and he entertains with fine-tuned acts and dialogues in a drunken state. Rest of the artistes presented as villagers on stage co-operate with him.

In the category of songs, there’s a choral as the opening song wherein 18 singers get on stage in red and black attire. A comedy solo ‘Zhinga Mami’ follows from Shefali Naik and she rendered it with gusto and enthusiasm. With the exception of only two Catholic students, rest all the songs were rendered by Hindu artistes and all their efforts on stage deserve appreciation. Band led by Roy Menezes and troupe provided good live music to all the singers.

The stage sets and properties on stage were handled by Bhupendra Chari and Tanvi Naik respectively. Costume and make-up was shouldered by Tania Gaikwad and Voptesh Naik, while the background music and lights were looked after by Abhiraj Bhagat and Shrikant Gaude respectively


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