15 May 2022  |   05:24am IST


The fourth edition of “Nightingale of Goa” showcased the tremendous talent in Goa

Pio Esteves

The fourth edition of ‘Nightingale of Goa’ organized by Pilar Music Academy (Pilar Fathers-Goa Province) was held at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. It drew a big crowd to cheer all the participants and winners of the competition.

‘Nightingale of Goa 2022’ had around 30 participants in different categories. The categories included children, juniors, teenagers, youth and seniors.

The winners declared in different categories are as follows: Jensina Mikayla Pereira (children), Ridhima Mayur Lotlikar (junior), Chiara Miranda (teenager), Prince Correia (youth), Melba Dias e D’Cunha (senior). The runners-up included Alaina Gomes (children), Chevonne Franchelle D’Costa (junior), Annalee P. de Menezes (teenager), Franzy Furtado (youth) and Joel Anthony Ribeiro (senior).

There were two special awards for lyrics and melody and the winners were Fr Simon Da Cunha and Pio Agnelo Fernandes respectively. The judges for the competition included Roque Lazarus, Fr Jean da Cruz Fernandes and Alacoque Morenas. The judges for lyrics and melody were Fr Milton Rodrigues sfx and Fr Roncy Braganza sfx respectively. The chief guest for the day was music composer and director, Joe D’Costa, and he gave away the prizes.

The first edition of ‘Nightingale of Goa’ was held in 2017, followed by another two editions in 2018 and 2019. On account of Covid-19, it could not be held for two years, namely 2020 and 2021.

Speaking about this unique event, the director of Pilar Music Academy, Fr Peter Cardozo revealed that unlike other competitions or musical shows held across Goa where old songs are easily rendered; at ‘Nightingale of Goa’ all the compositions are original and new. “This event provides a good platform to young budding artistes to showcase originality, talents and singing skills on stage,” he added.

“Over the past three years we have received overwhelming response from the participants across Goa,” Fr Cardozo said. “And after two auditions the finalists are selected for the grand finale by a special jury of musicians,” he concealed.

When it comes to singing, it can be rendered in different categories, namely solo, duo, duet, trio, quartet and choral. But the ‘Nightingale of Goa’ lays stress only on solo singing and there is a specific reason behind focusing only that particular category.

“When songs are rendered in solo category,” Fr Cardozo said, “the quality of voice can be easily identified, which is not possible in other categories. “Once you have spotted a good singer,” he elaborated, “then that particular singer can join other categories, which makes the task much easier later.”

Music schools run by the Pilar Fathers can be traced at four locations in Goa, namely Pilar, Porvorim, Margao and Sanguem. “The objective behind opening these schools is to help children, teenagers and youth to come and learn music, which will help them make a career in the future,” the director of Pilar Music Academy said.

“If you have a voice to sing,” Fr Cardozo informed, “then learning ‘solfagio’, vocals and any instrument can be an added blessing.” “Anything you learn in life never goes wasted. And the learning process continues from womb to tomb,” he said.

Apart from ‘solfagio’ and vocals, the instruments taught at music schools at four different centres include guitar, violin, keyboard and drums. At Sanguem and Pilar, there are special tutors to teach the blowing instruments, namely saxophone and trumpet as well.

The admissions to music schools begin in June and conclude by April-May, with the staging of Annual Music Concert. “It helps the music students to showcase their talent on stage, whatever one has learnt throughout the academic year,” Fr Cardozo said.

“The students at all the centres are also trained to appear for the Trinity College of Music, London examinations in all the subjects and in different grades,” the drector stated. “We have received good response from the students and many among them have come out with flying colours. Due to the pandemic it was not possible for two years,” he said, “but we wish to continue with the same shortly.”


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