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Bangalore’s best meets classic retro

14 Jun 2018 05:13am IST
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14 Jun 2018 05:13am IST
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Best Kept Secret is one of India’s hottest bands and the boys from Bangalore are making their presence felt across the world. The eclectic band that’s hard-wired to entertain, is all set to wow you with popular numbers you have heard before as well as their own original songs. They will be performing at one of Goa’s most popular haunts, Cohiba, Sinquerim, this Saturday


A touch of rock, a dash of disco, a hint of

blues, a shout of pop combined with catchy melodies. Put them together and you’ve got yourself the Best Kept Secret!

Best Kept Secret, formerly known as One Nite Stand, is famous for their unique high-octane ‘Dance-Rock’ music. Known for their lively and energetic performances, this is a band that is now recognised as one of India’s most touted young bands. With a growing number of fans, the band never fails to surprise an audience and ensures that they stay hooked right through the show!

If you ask their fans to describe them, they will tell you that this band can make you dance and scream, jump and sing; they know how to get the crowd to find their element on the dance floor with their brand of music, showmanship and signature style and know how to keep the audience engaged till the end of the show.

If you ask them to describe themselves, they do so in verse: “We’re the swing kings. Singing sweet nothings. That mean something. We got you thinking. Take us home to your dad. Wear our tunes like a fad. Raise your glass, just a tad. To a night you’ve never had. Sharper than a clock hand. Tighter than a wristband. Quicker than quicksand. Watch where you land. Do you think you can interpret. This Best Kept Secret?”

Fronted by vocalist Behram Siganporia, who also writes the songs and plays bass, the rest of the band comprises Hemanth Diwakaran on guitars, Abhilash EK on drums and George on lyrics.

“We are thrilled to play in Goa. We have played here before, for fashion and music events, but we have never played at a pub in Goa. This will be the first time we will be so close to the crowd and we can’t wait to sing, dance and jump with everyone at Cohiba,” says Behram.

With a reputation for being India’s leading English pop band, Best Kept Secret came into its own early on from the time it was formed as a covers band to holding its ground now with an original set-list. From playing their own original sets, to playing with different musical instruments, this Bangalore based band has grown over the years and also has the experience of playing to diverse crowds, having broken into the international scene with shows across Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East.

The group is also aware of the styles of music crowds at popular locations like Cohiba will like. Moreover, Cohiba has emerged as one of the most attractive destinations for the best acts in the country and even abroad and also attracts audiences that not only know how to party, but have a common love for great music.

“We will be playing a wide variety of music. We are going retro for the night but we will also play some of the new hits along with our own songs, which are crowd favourites. We love twisting stuff you’ve heard before and writing songs you haven’t,” adds Behram.

Their new single, ‘Can’t let you go’, was trending on Itunes India and is now playing on radio stations all over the world.

Between writing, composing and cutting a debut album, they are taking the country by storm and come this Saturday, at Cohiba, Sinquerim, you will get to hear what everyone is raving about.

Speaking about what drives them, they say that they just follow what they do best: spread a lot of love wherever they go and get a lot of love in return. At the end of the day, they love what they are doing and that keeps them going.

On a parting note, they speak about the FIFA World Cup, which has a massive following in Goa. “We are very excited to be in Goa when the World Cup starts because it’s like a mini World Cup in itself in Goa,” says Behram, who cites ‘Waka Waka’ and ‘Raise Your Flag’ as their favourite WC songs.

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