Herald: Bar Wars: An interesting twist to your regular night out

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Bar Wars: An interesting twist to your regular night out

09 Dec 2018 02:42am IST
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09 Dec 2018 02:42am IST
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A war that only leads to high spirits is how one

would simply describe the interesting concept of Bar Wars, introduced into Goa’s pulsing nightlife by SinQ Hospitality.

The concept of Bar Wars came up as a due incident that happened during the alcohol contracting of SinQ. “We realised that all that brands were competing to get their place on the shelf and to keep the other out. In the Big alcohol industry, we realised that every brand, every product has an equal competitor, be it the whiskey segment, the beer arena, vodkas, gin, etc. This time, a strange thought came to us, why not pair these drinks against each other and make them compete every night!” says Sahil Adwalpalkar, Director, SinQ Hospitality.

“Now, we've come up with our very own concept –Bar Wars– that had its successful debut in Soho, Panjim. Bar Wars is a first of its kind concept that has a fresh vibe to the nightlife industry. This is an online system developed by SinQ Hospitality,” he adds.

Now the big questions arise, what does the consumer have to do with this? What does he gain? Now comes the tweak! The software is designed in such a way that the more the consumer will drink a certain brand of his choice, the price will keep dropping and the price of the competing brand will hike. So a basic inversely proportional relationship will be established. So this software helps to get a great price on your favourite brands throughout the night. BarWars will also ensure that a huge variety of beverages are served so that no brand is missed during the night.

Bar Wars made its first debut at Soho on Wednesday and there are plans to franchise the software in other states as well. The interesting combination of nightlife invasion and great prices has gathered a great response to make Wednesday nights rocking.

The spirited reception Bar Wars has received from the public comes as not surprise as SinQ Hospitality is known for its innovation in the nightlife industry. It started with SinQ Nightclub that got a fresh vibe to the clubbing industry, changing the game for good. They followed it up with Soro, a rustic village pub in the calm village of Assagao. Soro today is known for its very different vibe and the genres of music played, namely retro, rock, techno, jazz and salsa. Showbar in Candolim created a buzz with the First Stock Bar Nights, fascinating Goa and creating a Friday night like no other. Soho is the latest addition to the list, which has sought to get a fresh vibe to the capital’s nightlife scene.

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