11 Jun 2024  |   04:10am IST

Beginning of school life for young minds

As kindergarten schooling begins for the new academic year, it’s the child’s very first step from the comfort of home into an unknown world of formal education. It marks a significant milestone for adjustments in the life of every child. A time filled with wonders, exploration of new things, and learning to cope on a fruitful journey
Beginning of school life for young minds

Anlisa Rodrigues

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which improves the human being and in turn the world.” What better place than a school, packed with powerful knowledge, imparting the best learning, friendly teachers, new friends, good values, play and activities, loads of fun and a whole new experience in life. The first day of school is a beautiful feeling, where the tiny feet place their first uncertain steps at the entrance door of the school. A unique feeling combining a mixture of fear, shyness, excitement, all come together with new beginnings. As the kindergarten school begins, it’s the very first step for a child armed with new uniforms, tiffin boxes, water bottles, books, pencils and all requirements for the first day, which marks a significant milestone in the life of every child. It is also an anxious time for parents to see how well the child will adapt to the new routine and follow instructions in a structured world.

Ruth Mavaskar, a principal of nursery school in North Goa says, “I am always excited every year to meet my new kids who will be delicately groomed keeping in mind their qualities, strengths, weaknesses and interests. Every year, the newly admitted children come like a breath of fresh air, a new experience challenging us to cope with their needs. Every child taking a tiny step for the very first time leaving the comforts of their home into an unknown new environment has to feel comfortable. The teachers and I feel it’s a big responsibility to shape the child, understand their potential and make sure each child gets the attention they need. The main task is to build a connection and bond with the child and understand and appreciate their uniqueness. This gives them a sense of security and trust”. 

Fatima D’Souza, a nursery teacher says, “It is an awesome feeling to start a new year as some of the children are totally new to the school. As a teacher, when I welcome the new batch of students, I see their cute and innocent faces and I welcome them all as my own children and it is a really enjoyable moment every year. Being a Kindergarten teacher, I feel very responsible to give my kids a comfort zone in the new environment. Eleven years of my teaching career, my passion for my work and my kids has grown”.

“The first day of school as a teacher has always been mesmerizing. Children are always curious about everything. Every child is unique, they form their first impression of a teacher which will be long-lasting, and should be based on love and care. The kids are spontaneous and speak freely about the creative things about their homes which gives them a comfort zone. We teachers need to also build authority at the new academic year with love and discipline,” says Jessinda D’Cunha, a teacher.

Dr Kalindi Amonker, a doctor and working parent, says, “Managing both, work and home with time for my child is definitely a challenge, but it's something I've learned to adjust with careful planning and flexibility, setting time for work hours and family time. The evenings and weekends are dedicated to family and my child, where we engage in fun activities, help with homework, and spend quality time. My work is sensitive and requires extra hours, however, I cherish the quality time we spend together. Watching my child step forward into school for the first time was an incredibly emotional experience to see my child’s first day at School. As a mother, I feel my child from a toddler has grown up fast and embarked on this new journey of learning and growing.”

“I was emotional and nervous, a mixed feeling. I am happy my child has achieved a big milestone as he was on his own for the first time. My child said that he would be fine, if I was waiting outside. I hope my child will adjust and socialize with other kids and teachers. Improving his confidence and boosting his self-esteem at school and extra-curricular activities should create good memories,” says Savita Rane.

A school is a second home, where the teachers take the role of second parents and kids turn into best friends. Principal of a Kindergarten school, Aurea Noronha, says, “Being in the teaching profession for about four decades makes me feel good. Teaching is my passion as we groom kids at a very slow pace, but at the end of their schooling, we shape the child into good students, ready to face new schools. Our students, teachers and parents all work together with full potential. We prepare the academic year's programme for all at the beginning of our school, thus informing and alerting all for an exciting and successful year ahead.”

Teacher Maria Rodrigues says, “Being a teacher for 14 years is God’s blessing. To shape the new children gives me inspiration to deal with each unique child. Armed with a great smile and understanding, I create a comfort zone for the new kids.”

Tania Couto, a working parent and teacher says, “I am glad the society today respects a working mother unlike in the past. It is certainly a challenge to manage several tasks as a working mother, nevertheless it’s a fulfilling experience to balance the responsibilities as a teacher and a mother to my children. My children adjust to my time as I work to give them the best in life.  I am blessed to be a mother and a teacher, touching the lives of many children as well as my kids is a life cherishing experience. As a mother, it’s a great feeling at admissions in a good school, seeing my kids move out to be on their own, adjusting with others. I realise how my children grew up quickly and wish to witness every aspect of their lives”. 

Working parents, Vinay Parab and Kavita Parab says, “As we are both working, we share and balance our time for our daughter. It’s difficult to manage at work but we reschedule our meetings to devote time for school activities. We are happy, excited and a little worried about her first step out of home.”


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