Herald: Better late than never: Stop Goan roads from becoming open kitchens

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Better late than never: Stop Goan roads from becoming open kitchens

30 Jan 2019 04:48am IST
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30 Jan 2019 04:48am IST
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The fine of Rs 2000 for “creating a nuisance” and cooking on the roads couldn’t have come a day early. But is Rs 2000 a strong enough deterrent for individuals drinking in the open or cooking on the roads. Implementation is the key. The proof of this pudding is stopping the cooking

Here are some voices of locals 

on the issue:



This isn’t just a problem that the outsiders are causing; even the Goans are to be blamed. As an architect, I often travel to the interiors of small villages and far off springs, which is unknown to tourists. How is there litter around those areas where the tourists don’t even step a foot? Of course, when the use of the LPG cylinders is concerned it is dangerous to be used while cooking in the open. So far as litter comes into the picture, I totally disagree. I suggest that a designated area should be given to people to camp, and also they should be responsible enough to clean after the use of that particular area.






Our unfortunate sorry state of affairs has left us with loosing the cream of what used to be pride of Goa; I am not referring to our beaches, but the quality of tourists.

The Government officials should take up this issue very seriously as we are going down on the graph of tourism with charters getting cancelled. It will be too late if nothing is done.

These tourists who come with gas cylinders risk put their own and others life at risk. I mean they behave as if Goa has no good restaurants






I definitely think this is a big issue around all parts of Goa, especially the coastal belt. Tourists come here with the mentality that Goa is a place where anything and everything can be done and be left.

I’ve seen many cars come from all over the country, they find a land close to a water body and set up a gas stove for their picnic which is very sad, because they then wash their utensils in the water where we fish in and leave all the trash begging for someone else to clean up. It is highly annoying looking at this situation. I don’t think that they would do the same thing in their home land and dirty places around their house.






Drinking on the beach is illegal and creates problems for others going to the beach to have a nice time. However we do have a greater problem at hand! We have buses coming into Goa passing through the check post by carrying household cylinders. Firstly, this is not legal, over that he cylinders are being used to cook food in the open; it is a huge concern for us right now. At the end, who is the loser? Goan economy is going down.






It’s quite a shabby scene to witness a lot of littering and waste along the roadsides created by the tourists who prefer to cook their meals while they are touring. I suppose a ine that has now been imposed imposed on the tourists who cook on the roadside and dirty the place was needed. Certain places need to be reserved by the government, for disposing off all the waste.



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