Herald: Blow it up to live it up?

Blow it up to live it up?

13 Apr 2019 05:45am IST
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13 Apr 2019 05:45am IST
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In Café and conversations this week, we look at the spending habits of Goa’s youngsters and ask, Is it hip to earn and blow it up, or is it cool to save for the future


The scene is at a night club on

the coast. It is a weekday and the club is packed. The place is throbbing with energy and the young and beautiful are present in droves. Most of them are either working executives or young businessmen or women. It is already 2.30 but no one is in the mood to leave the club. When the photographer leaves at 4 o clock, there were still some hardy rock and rollers doing their number.

This is a trend that has caught the fancy of the state for several years and it looks like it will not leave very soon. Is it because it is a state that depends on tourism or are there other reasons? More deeper reasons. Charlene Farrell a counsellor who has been advising young people feels this generation considers itself to be a entitled generation. Charlene said “This problem has been fuelled by the parents. Many of them work and don’t have the time to spend with their children. They then compensate by giving them expensive toys which does not sort the problem. She said as a counsellor she had cases where the young man or woman did not have a job and was still dependent on their parents. Even when they get a job, they do not care to contribute to the house. Many of them, she said had no idea of investments and were not keen on acquiring information. Their money they claimed was for themselves and no one else.

Pranjalee Desai who is working with an NGO giggled and said she was given everything by her parents and what they had not provided, she purchased with her salary. She said “I earn the money and its mine so I can do what I want to it like going out for a movie or a party. I don’t have the responsibility of buying a house or a car. We earn and we spend on travel. For example, if I am offered an upgrade to business by an airline, on payment of Rs 500, I will not hesitate”.

Aniket Amizaade a film director who felt the parents had to play a pivotal role and maintain a sense of balance. He said he knew of people who blew their salaries partying and those couples who party hard but made it a point to explain to their children that they were partying after making savings over several years. Luxury items were given only when it was a necessity. It was a hard road otherwise there was only tragedy at the end of it all.

(This is quite clearly a conversation starter. We invite readers to join the conversation by sending in their comments online when you view the story on our web and social media platforms as well as mail us on café@herald-goa.com with the subject line Café & Conversations)

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