21 Jul 2021  |   04:28am IST

Bollywood biggies can’t seem to stay out of trouble

The media has been covering the shenanigans of celebrities over the years. Once it was Farden Khan, then the inimitable Salman Khan in his various escapades. And now it is Raj Kundra the husband of Shilpa Shetty who has been arrested in connection with a pornography case. Every year there seems to be something that celebrities do that makes people wonder what they were thinking and why they do it. Goans voice their opinion
Bollywood biggies can’t seem to stay out of trouble

Ajit John;

I don’t think it is only celebrities who behave like this. I think a lot of people also do all these things but it is only celebs that get caught because they are easily accessible to the media. I also think it is the drive to earn more money. They think they are so powerful that they cannot be caught. They feel they are above the law. They move in influential circles and think they can get away with it.

- Sonam Morajkar,


With regards to celebrities, you have to understand that once you get attention you can get addicted to that attention. You have to know how to get disconnected and stay away from the attention. Live your life normal. If you can achieve that you win. You can live a better life. Otherwise you are hungry for attention and you start doing things that are not so cool. What you may think is cool may not be cool in the eyes of the law. Such behavior happens because it is a mental frame and a person perhaps has psychological problems.

- Tapan Acharya,


What I can say is that once you reach a certain level you are going to get offers from investors which may be good or bad for them. It is a choice every filmmaker or actor has to make. These people get carried away and think they can get away with it. You get caught; you can lose your career, which is terrible. This will reinforce the fact that such behavior will not be tolerated. Sometimes these people think they can get away. Some of them lose their morals. They think they can own it all. In this line there is huge fame. One needs to be aware of their ethics.

- Milroy Goes,


Maybe they get a high doing something out of the way. Celebrities live lives which from the outside look very exciting. From the inside it is a very different view. It is lonely at the top. They can’t do anything that others can do without being noticed. I think that is the reason many of them go crazy. It gives them a kick out and removes them from their mundane existence. Maybe they want an adrenaline rush.

- Varun Carvalho,


I was astonished to hear about the recent arrest of Raj Kundra on suspicion of him making porn films. To do something like that, you have to have a sense of power which comes not only from wealth, but also from hero worship from millions of fans. While Salman Khan earned a large fan following through acting, Raj Kundra got it through the reflected fame of Shilpa Shetty. Hence you had hit-and-run cases and black buck killing cases of Salman, and now porn movie cases of Raj Kundra. The huge amount of attention these celebs get gives them an enormous sense of power to do things that the law-abiding citizen would not.

- Joanne da Cunha,

Singer, Actor

These days we see and hear a lot of so called celebrities being involved with a lot of anti social elements. They are in the news quite often for the wrong reasons. It could be because society or the system has placed them on a pedestal. Then there is the attitude that what he or she does is right. Absolute power corrupts absolutely resulting in no fear for the law and a feeling they could get away easily. Easy money gives them the feeling it is god. Finally there is also faulty upbringing. Remember education might make one literate but not necessarily cultured.

- Deepak Lobo,

Writer and Director