Herald: Bringing back 8o’s Rock Music

Bringing back 8o’s Rock Music

06 Apr 2019 04:25am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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06 Apr 2019 04:25am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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Castlerock presents rock music from the 80’s at a concert on April 13 at Gavin’s Pub in Verna, 2 pm onwards; commemorating the date ‘13th’ as rock music day and bringing back memories of Goa’s first teenager band ‘The Teens’ (1988). The concert consists of 20 members- Goan rock musicians spanning across four decades and young musicians from 90’s. Café has the details…

There was a time when rock was the dominant popular

music loved by many. Is it lost today? Maybe…

But for some who have preserved the treasures of rock music come together on April 13, 2019 to revive those Oldie Goldie’s in a concert called Castlerock 80’s that involve musicians of Goa from the late 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Who are we?

The concert is powered by Bad Blood and AXL School of Music and Technology, Kutumb, Cosmos Exotic Orchestra, Foxes retreat and Beat Route Jam.The 20 members are all from several different bands with

Nexin Soares


Pravas Ravi

from the band Bad Blood as the main organizers,

Roque Lazarus

as the Conductor and

Carl De Souza

as the coordinator. The other members include Silvia, Sheryl, Stacie as professional singers, Nilesh Faterpekar, Nigel Mendonca, Placido Rodrigues, Olavo Fernandes, Johny Pereira, John Lino, Sheldon Gomes, Linus Fernandes, Peterson Gomes, Eularia Gomes, Kassel Gomes, Aditya Naik, ShivrajBekere and Angio Fernandes as the youngest.

“We thought that by organizing something like this, we would get to appreciate rock music that is mostly ignored these days. Rock and Roll was the mainstream during the 80’s in Goa. At first we only wanted the elder musicians of Goa, but then we realized that to revive our teenage days, we need to have youngsters in our group and that’s when we decided that a formation of young and old with bring a different melody to the concert altogether, shared Pravas and Nixon

Castlerock 80’s

Castlerock, is a special dynamism giving the forefront to young budding musicians and having elder members from various other bands spanning across four decades as the backbone of the concert. Together they celebrate the age of rock bringing back memories and music from the 80’s.

The band will perform list of seven songs sung by ‘The Teens’ in the 80’s.

Meet me in Montana, Yesica, Mad about you, MonyMony, Some guys have all the luck, My kind of Girl, and Oye mi Canto

. Castlerock is not just a name, but a beautiful village situated in the Western Ghats on the state’s border with Goa - at an elevation of 621m with a grand view of Dudhsagar. Inspired by its alluring scenery and living amongst the aesthetic grace, Pravas Ravi initiated the idea of bringing back the 80’s and naming the band and concert after the place he comes from.

The Man behind it all

“No, I didn’t fall in love, she fell in love with me, music did!” says the man who first wielded the electric guitar in 1988 hitting his teens and the right notes too.

Roque Lazarus,

musician, lyricist, singer and conductor, is one among them all who lived the ages of Rock. Now that’s what makes a name so perfect! Roque.

Roque entered his journey of music through the band ‘The Teens’ in 1988 by Allan Fernandes his classmate;it was indeed the 1st teen band in India during the rock music period.

He had learnt singing solfeggio with his grandfather (a bass drum Cymbel player)at a very young age and learnt playing the guitar with neighbors from is village.

He has been awarded the YuvaSrujanPuraskar (Youth State Award) for excellence in western music in 2014 by the government of Goa.

“Guess it was just destiny, who knew I would reach so far. But I am proud that I’m on solid ground,” he says.

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