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Bringing out the true essence of Goa

Bringing out the true essence of Goa

Pio Esteves

At the Kala Academy’s 49th Tiatr ‘A’ Group Competition, tiatr ‘Goykarponn’ written and directed by Michael Gracias and presented by Kala Niketan, Majorda, was staged on the eighth day of the competition.

The story revolves around two neighbours, who reside in close proximity to each other. There’s a Catholic family consisting of Serterio (Anthony Crasto), a ‘mestri’ by profession, who resides with his daughter Joyce (Risia Passanha) and son Joywin (Leejoy Pereira). The Hindu household has Bhiku (Rupesh Jogle) as the head, his son Agni (Mayur Dhond) and daughter Shruti (Sidhi Naik).

Joywin shows inclination towards Shruti. But on account of religion, Shruti is reluctant to accept Joywin’s proposal. When Shruti’s brother, Agni, is made aware of this inter-religious relationship, he bluntly opposes it. Guru (Michael Gracias) steps in and coaxes Agni to support them, but on one condition.

For the sake of his fiancée, will Joywin accept the condition laid by Agni? In tense moments, who supports Shruti? What follows next is well enacted on stage during the second half of the show.

Joyce’s Muslim friend Rabiya (Romilia Fernandes), who is pursuing her further studies and she expresses her wish to study in-depth about Goa's inquisition. She seeks help from Fr Cruz (George Gonsalves) at the Basilica in Old Goa. Will she be able to complete her project?     

Tiatr ‘Goykarponn’ carries a well-researched script with various findings and a dig in the past. Several issues pertaining to Goa and sons of the soil have been tactfully handled in this drama. Goa’s inquisition, language issue, controversial debate on ‘Goencho Saib’, safeguarding traditional Mando and other sensitive subjects have been focused, with a good amount of actual facts and history data.

All the artistes have given their best in their respective roles. While Anthony Crasto plays his character with ease, Rupesh Jogle stands out as Bhiku, fighting for a worthy cause. They are ably assisted by Sidhi, Risia, Cipriano, Constancio. Michael stands out in the negative role, while Mayur Dhond is equally good in his character.


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