Herald: Burning up the dance floor at Bachata Fiesta
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Burning up the dance floor at Bachata Fiesta

17 May 2018 03:38am IST
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17 May 2018 03:38am IST
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Following the success of the preliminary rounds, the finale of Bachata Fiesta at Cohiba promises to be bigger and better! Ahead of the event, Café speaks to co-organiser Snaden Shawn to learn more

Bachata Fiesta, Goa’s biggest

competition for the fiery Latin dance that has seen its preliminary rounds take place on May 4 and 11, 2018 at Cohiba Bar and Kitchen, Sinquerim, is set to culminate in a final round that promises to be crazier than ever!

Bachata Fiesta, a competition for Bachata social dancing, the dance storm that has taken the state by storm, was started up with the aim of providing a platform to anyone who wanted to dance, to show off their moves, and compete. According to the co-organiser, Bachata instructor Snaden Shawn, the level of the dancing that was seen on the dance floor over the course of the first two rounds, far exceeded expectations!

“We had the prelim rounds on two dates, over which we saw participation by around 25 to 30 couples… selecting the top 10 that would then go to the finale was a huge task for our judges, as the dancers were just that good! The judges, all of whom are experts in Bachata themselves, were amazed by the level of the dancing, and I myself am impressed by how much Bachata has grown in Goa, over the last several months,” says Snaden, speaking of the first two rounds that attracted scores of people to Cohiba over the last two Fridays, to share in that sensual Latin vibe. While the prelim rounds were in the style of social dancing, with couples spinning together on the dance floor, the structure of the final round will be a little different, in order to keep up with the high level of competition, and ultimately, to select the best. “Out of the top 10 finalists, 5 will be further selected and they will be dancing individually on stage, rather than in a group, so that the judges will get a much clearer picture of the dancing and really judge their skill-level,” adds Snaden.

The criteria for judgment, as Snaden discloses, that have brought the finalists this far, and will see the best make it to the top, include musicality i.e. the dancers’ ability to keep in time with the music, previously unheard by them, played by the DJ on the spot; hand patterns and body movements, the complexity of which is an integral element of the Bachata dance form; and of course showmanship – with the finalists dancing onstage, they must be able to play to the crowd with confidence!

With the bar raised high by the dancers so far, the final round promises to be even more exciting and interesting, with the best of the best fighting for top spot! “I think the audience’s expectations have been exceeded with what they have seen so far, and Friday night’s finale will be even bigger! What I had envisioned for this competition, as the climax of the Bachata scene in Goa, has been executed exactly as I wanted it, even exceeding the level of other dance competitions. This is a first for the Latin dance community in Goa, and it is a very good sign! It has even encouraged me to start thinking of the next step… I’ve already started planning another competition,” concludes Snaden, enthusiastically. Judging by the success of the last two nights, the Bachata Fiesta Finale, set to take place on Friday, May 18 is sure to not disappoint!

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