15 Feb 2018 04:15am IST

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Karsten Miranda

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15 Feb 2018 04:15am IST

Report by
Karsten Miranda

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As FC Goa take on Chennaiyin FC on Thursday, in what is a must win game for Goa, Café speaks to fans across the state who weigh in on the prospects of the home side making it to the playoffs and its chances at winning the coveted Indian Super League (ISL)

It will truly be a sense of déjà vu for

the fans of FC Goa and the home team as they take on one of the league’s strongest competitions in Chennaiyin FC. The first time around was actually the first game of this season, where a revamped FC Goa played under a new coach, and while their blistering attack left everyone in the stadium spellbound, their defence in that opening game left a lot to be desired. While FC Goa emerged victorious, winning the match with a 3-2 score line, the rest of the season for them has been a tale of defence letting the attack down on consecutive occasions.

While this trend continued months into the league, the team now finds itself in a precarious position against the backdrop of some poor results lately and faces the risk of not qualifying for the playoffs that will separate the best from the average teams in the league so far.

All eyes will be on the home side on Thursday, and failure to win could spell doom for the team’s prospects of winning the league while a win could give the team a much needed boost as it hopes to enter the final stages of the tournament as a potential challenger to the title.

  Goa fans share their views on the team’s performances and its chances at qualifying for the playoffs and even winning the trophy:

We started off on a high. They lost their way, midway through the league and then picked themselves up again. It’s been a topsy- turvy ride this season. With Brandon’s injury, there was no one to connect that midfield to bring out the attacking prowess of Ferran Corominas. We still have games in hand, I’m sure will make it past the finish line. The gaffer needs to have a much more solid Plan B and not wait too long in the game to implement it. The fans have been backing the team home and away. The team ought to reward them with a semi final spot.

                                                                        CONRAD BARRETO



This FC Goa side is playing well and Goa is definitely one of the teams that have a good chance of winning it. The team has just been off their pace lately. Goals can win you matches but defence can win you titles. The problem is not scoring goals but keeping a clean sheet. The defence has been a problem for Goa throughout the campaign. If they sort the defence out, Goa will be the team to beat.


FC Goa’s chances of going forward depend on their winning every game from here on. Right now, it’s the defensive errors that are costing the team. And we’ve had defensive issues from the start; it is not something that has come up all of a sudden. Let’s hope for the best. They have to give it their everything! We fans aren’t giving up that easily.


Three of our remaining five games are at home, and we should take maximum advantage of that if we want to qualify. Our attack has been very good this season, but the defence has been the problem. We will make it into the top 4 at the end. I am pretty confident about that as well as the team’s prospects of going forward this season.


We started off on an attacking mode and caught everyone by surprise. But by now, teams have read our strengths, which include our ability to attack well. It has proved to be one of the best in the league, while our defending has proved to be one of our biggest weaknesses. But we have what it takes to go all the way if we work hard. #VamosGoa #ForcaGoa

                                                           OMKAR H

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