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Corruption at every level

Corruption at every level

Pio Esteves

Day 7 of Kala Academy’s 49th Tiatr ‘A’ Group Competition was a witness to tiatr ‘Tum Asunk Zai Aslo’ written and directed by Fr Milagres Dias and presented by Sao Bartolomeu Sports Club and Cultural Association, Chorao.

The story revolves around a corrupt lawyer Jose (Peter Ferrao) and his son Lein (Lionel Cabral/Lyndon Cardozo). Jose has Vijay (Fr Milagres Dias) as his assistant. As he grows, Lein expresses his wish of becoming an aeronautical engineer to his father. He dreams of becoming a pilot as well and flying in the skies. Jose does not stop him from fulfilling his dreams. Instead, he extends all his help and moral support.

But a mishap occurs and Lein loses both his hands. Physically handicapped, Lein will not be able to accomplish his childhood desire and decides to become a lawyer like his father. But his father shows opposition as he well knows that he himself is on the wrong track.

Jose is presently handling a case of client Rony (Constantino Sequeira), where he is involved in rape and murder. Being a businessman, Rony is ready to offer any amount, but he wants the sensitive case to be turned in his favour and free him from imprisonment. Vijay provides a piece of advice to Jose as both have to survive and make a living.

When Lein steps in in his father’s shoes as a lawyer, what follows next? Will Jose continue in turning black into white and white into black? When Jose decides to stand for the truth, what are the consequences?

Tiatr ‘Tum Asunk Zai Aslo’ focuses on corruption prevalent in the judicial system. It also throws light on the magnitude of the penalty when one stands for the truth.

The artistes on stage have displayed ample talent in their respective roles. Peter, Fr Milagres, Lyndon are in the main cast, while Constantino, Joaquim, Xavieriti and Conny support the main cast.

For some laughter moments, there’s Severine (Luizinha da Costa) and Butanv (Shannon Sequeira) who serve as maids and make efforts to entertain. There are two side comediennes, Soddsoddit (Meriza) and Sovkasine (Amanda) who hop in occasionally for some comedy.

In the section of songs, child artiste Naira Fernandes captured the hearts of the audience by her solo sung confidently. Other solos by Vincent Godinho Esby and Felicia were appealing. A trio, quartet and a duet were equally entertaining. Nolvert and his musical team provided good live music backing all the singers on stage.

The stage sets by Anthony de Ambaji were good, while lights were handled by Gorakshanath Rane and background music was taken care of by Vishant Sawant.


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