01 Mar 2024  |   05:49am IST

Crafting the road to success

The Goa Next2024 is a summit which will bring together the finest minds from the fields of IT, tech, regenerative tourism, startup ecosystem, future skills and the future of business promises to be an event of glorious disruption. The event will be held on March 2
Crafting the road to success

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The Herald group is organising the GoaNext 2024,  a summit which will bring together thought leaders across  business, IT and Tourism.  This summit aims to pave the way for self reliance and economic empowerment in Goa. The event over the weekend will feature panel discussions, lectures and workshops.

Eminent leaders of industry both local and national will present their viewpoints. The panel discussion includes a diverse range of topics. The first topic will be Innovations in traditional businesses; Lessons from the Pioneers.  The Goan speakers will speak about the importance of putting their hand in the grease and the importance of learning from other successful companies. In the Lecture on Going Global : Expanding beyond the border the speaker will talk about the experience of expanding the business. In the session on  “Future-ready - The essence of building Skills” the speaker will talk about the importance of upskilling oneself. In the session on funding  The funding formula- Unlocking capital for your Startup, the speaker will talk about how one can go about raising funds for the business from investors. 

He will talk about what they are looking at  a business when they are contemplating investing in it.  In the final lecture titled  Crafting success - A Business Model Canvas Workshop, the speaker will talk about how one can craft a model that will increase the possibility of success.  

“Innovations in traditional businesses: Lessons from the Pioneers”

Mac Vaz - Director, Madame Rosa

In today’s context, being a flag bearer and baton holder of the third generation of our fading business is a huge privilege. We have been very passionate about taking feni to the globe and these coined words of Atmarnirbhar Bharat, Make In India have been celebrated in our brands and our promoting training globally. This is the sense of what we celebrate at Madame Rosa.

I remember my father telling me to respect the feni as much as I respect the flag. 

I’m almost on the brink of my second innings of life and at this stage of life, I must compliment the Herald Group for this Herald GoaNext 2024 Summit initiative, especially having it in the land of feni, Konkani where everyone lives in harmony is a celebration by itself. We need to empower the next generation to not only focus on degrees but to put their hands in the grease because, in today’s world, it’s easy to get your degrees, but it’s important to assert and build up your emotional quotient to be successful and progressive in life.

Verma D’Mello- Fashion Designer and Executive Director, Goa Sudharop

Innovations in traditional businesses are very important to address because they show how all companies can learn new ways to stay competitive and successful by looking at other successful examples. Businesses can learn how to change and use new technologies to do better.

I’m excited in fact to hear from all the experts also about the latest trends and innovative ideas. It’s a great chance to learn how to technology is changing businesses and what the future might look like.

 “Going Global: Expanding Beyond Borders”

Xavier Furtado - Fisherman’s Wharf

We want to grow in India and we are crossing boundaries with the Fisherman’s Wharf in the country. 

We tried establishing ourselves in Dubai, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. So we’re back in India and I think there’s great growth and potential in India itself. So we don’t have to go far away looking for numbers.

 I am looking forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with the great minds that will be also attending the Summit.

“Future-ready - The essence of building Skills”

Joy Chowdhury - Vice President, New Initiatives Herald Group

I am privileged to be a part of the Herald GoaNext and Atmanirbar Bharat summit where I’m going to talk about future skills. We all need to understand that in this ever-transforming world, there is a great need to upskill ourselves. Much like our phones, we need to regularly update ourselves, which is going to form the crux of our discussion. I am excited to explain to everyone how they can be future-ready tomorrow, how they can be skilled, upskilled and reskilled to play a major part in this transformative enterprise and global world, and looking forward to interacting with more thought giants of the same ilk.

The funding formula- Unlocking capital for your Startup

Sachin Karnik - Founder and CEO, The Great Unicorn Hunt

Fundraising is a key component to spur growth because, at some point in time, most founders want to ensure that they transition from a bootstrap mode to a fundraising mode where they have a venture back capital or capital from angel investors to ensure that they are able to gallop in terms of the growth matrix. However, we have observed that most founders, because of the proximity to the business, cannot see what investors are looking for from their propositions. That is where this workshop comes in, where we are trying to expose both first-time founders and even those who have raised capital in the past to various nuances that they need to be ready for and factor when they approach fundraising. It will be an exercise where we will talk about possibilities, case studies, and hidden pitfalls. 

Our workshop is a way of ensuring that founders have this additional knowledge in their arsenal as they go on to build big businesses.

Since I’m conducting a fundraising workshop for the participants and I’m also part of the panel, which is about me navigating the startup ecosystem, I’m absolutely looking forward to all the other participants. I see some terrific names as a part of the panel. I see some terrific names even in the other panels and in the list of attendees and the participants. So I’m looking forward to soaking in the, you know, the energy of the event and learn a lot from so many experts and practitioners that are going to be there at the event. Absolutely. Looking forward to it.

Crafting success - A Business Model Canvas Workshop

Vaniya Dangwal - Head of Strategic Partnership & Operations at Headstart Network Foundation

The business model canvas started a long time ago and it’s still relevant because anybody who’s starting a business or who’s even dabbling into multiple ideas would need a business model canvas to get to the next step of their journey.

The business model canvas gives you a structure for how to think about your business, right from what problem you’re solving to who your ideal customers are to what could be the potential revenue streams, and what could be the major cost.

It gives you a glimpse of your business on one single sheet of paper, which helps you evaluate whether it is worth taking this idea forward or will this business model work or not.

It helps different stakeholders, not just the founders, but also your investors, and the clients to know how good the business is and what are their plans for the future.

I am rooting for Goa to be the next start-up destination because I definitely see the potential and lately there’s been a lot that’s happening in the state so I’m looking forward to meeting some amazing speakers and attendees, so together make Goa the next destination for businesses and start-ups.


Iddhar Udhar