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Dancing the first steps elegantly together

03 Jan 2018 03:58am IST
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03 Jan 2018 03:58am IST
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For Goan weddings, everything has to be personified according to the bride and groom and the first dance is also an important factor to sum by this customized wedding. With more couple choreographing their first dance to make it even more special, Café finds out how the dance instructors are keeping up with the demands of the bridal couple



One of the most anticipating moments of a Goan

Catholic wedding, besides the promise at the altar in the church, is the first dance of the bridal couple. The grace in which they carry themselves and the ease in which they show how compatible they are with the smiles while dancing to the beat in a wedding gown. The first dance is important to almost every couple nowadays as they know everyone is looking at them and they want it to stand out from the rest of the dances and dancers too.

Dr Martin D’Costa of Dance Illusions has helped couples learning dancing days by keeping the dance steps as easy as possible. “It depends on the bridal couple as some learn quickly and practice well and those who find it hard to pick up, I give them few walking steps. It is very easy to learn nowadays as most couple watch videos on YouTube or their own family members teach them to dance. The brides have to wear their wedding gown which is upto their ankle otherwise they will not be able to dance well. The song that is selected is also important to how they will dance to the beat. We sometimes have to keep the song short because people lose interest in looking at a couple dance for four minutes and it is even more difficult if the couple don’t know dancing,” says Dr Martin.

He adds, “While training the couple for the dance, you can see the adjustments they have to make in a relationship. How the blame is put when one does a mistake and how the couple works together to help each other when they find something difficult. This is one of the first lessons they are taking as a couple.”

Osler Furtado has been conducting ballroom dance classes for the past 15 years in Goa and he is as straightforward as it gets when it comes to dealing with brides. “Everyone wants quick results. They want to learn a dance in 7-10 days and on the wedding day; they get nervous and start shivering in front of the audience. The brides plan their wedding gown months in advance and it becomes very difficult to dance in a gown. It should not be long with a trail. I recommend the brides to take a break after cutting the cake, detach their trail, and then come comfortably to dance on the floor. This is one of the most memorable moments of their life and it should be very elegant,” says Osler from Porvorim.

Darryl D’Souza of Dance-O-Philia gets different clients who are keeping up with the trend of doing something for their first dance. While he too feels that the girls are more involved, his clients are broadly divided into two categories. “There are those who are really into the choreography and want to push themselves to do their best and the other half are those who don’t know how to dance and want as steps that are as simple as possible,” explains Darryl.

He gets different requests by couples to make their first dance together look jaw dropping gorgeous. However, some come up with the craziest ideas, “One couple asked if I could choreograph a flash mob for them as the first dance. I didn’t recommend it as it didn’t look appropriate for a first dance which should be intimate and romantic. As flash mob is acceptable if it is in between the sets,” says Darryl, who runs his studio from Calangute.

For a non dancer, getting nervous when everyone’s eyes are on you is ordinary. Darryl knows that the couple will fumble under pressure and he trains the couple to look as calm as possible. “After teaching a routine and the exact steps, nervousness can come into play and I tell my clients that it is only they who will know where they are going wrong. I discuss plan A and B with them so that they don’t look lost and cover up their mistakes,” adds Darryl, who has even trained an entire entourage to dance.

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