Herald: Double whammy? Are Panjim’s young excited about voting twice in a month

Double whammy? Are Panjim’s young excited about voting twice in a month

14 May 2019 03:48am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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14 May 2019 03:48am IST

Report by
Nicole Remedios

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Panjim is one of the very few constituencies in India, which will vote twice in a span of one month. And always Café goes back to the young ones, the first or second time voters, many of whom participated in the Lok Sabha polls with gusto, what it means to vote “national” and then “local”



I am not very excited about the Panjim by-elections, everything is so slow. But, even though I hope that whoever comes to power is an intellectual and good person. Maybe they have other tactics instead of having loud campaigns where it is too obvious, that’s why everything seems so quiet; they might be campaigning house to house.

However there is not much of excitement from my side, I am still going to vote, that’s being responsible and youth should be the first to do it.






I don’t know anything about the by-election until now, and it’s a shame that most of us youth are unaware. But I voted the last time for the Lok Sabha elections and would love to do it again if I was under the Panjim constituency, but I live in Dona Paula. People under the Panjim constituency are getting a second chance and they should vote. Though the Lok Sabha was the main election, I don’t feel it’s dominating, because I know so many of my friends happy and ready to vote..






Yes I’m very much excited about the election as we discuss politics among us I observed that people are fed up with false promises. The youth are not enthusiastic because politics brings division. However there was more excitement during the polling for the Lok Sabha.






Near St Inez and all these places it has been really quiet and there is not much awareness. I do feel that the Lok Sabha election was “busier” than this by-election, because everyone was so enthusiastic during that time and now it’s all dead. But there is some activity, especially in Ribandar. The young ones seem excited about the by-election here at Ribandar.






With regards to first time voters, more than half of the youth are not interested in voting this time, although, I am very happy to exercise my vote again. The campaigning is more of door to door as the politicians are going and introducing themselves for the Panjim by-elections hence it is less noticeable. We need to choose a good leader for the development of Panjim .

—Rishina Gupte,

Don Bosco College Student, St. Inez




Oh yes I’m extremely excited, because we are getting the opportunity to vote the second time. Youth participation is on a rise and young voters have come out talking about their choice and participating in the process. Panjim is lucky. The new leader has to develop Panjim but not at the cost of people of Panjim. Goa is not silent this Lok Sabha election. Every voter is aware of their rights even though it has not been made so obvious. It’s best to do things in silence.

—Nishikar Raut Dessai,


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