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Down and out? No chance!

11 Mar 2017 12:03am IST
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11 Mar 2017 12:03am IST
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As FC Barcelona rewrote football history to become an unlikely candidate to go all the way in the Champions League this year, Café speaks with some fans to take note of their reactions

As the final whistle blew on a

warm Wednesday night in

Barcelona, the city burst into

a paella of mixed emotions. It

was a night that will be virtually

classified as a miracle, at the Nou

Camp as Barcelona completed

what could go down in sporting

history as the greatest-ever

footballing comeback of all time.

This match will, for certain, go

down in history, for it is the first

time in the Champions League

that a team has ever overcome a

four-goal deficit to progress on

aggregate. That is exactly what

unfolded, as a local boy who came

on as a substitute, Sergi Roberto,

sent his hometown team through

with a score of 6-1.

You can’t help but feel for

the up-and-coming PSG side,

who came into this game having

trounced their opponents 4-0 in

Paris. These are two of the biggest,

wealthiest clubs in world football

with huge financial backing. Yet

the night wasn’t about money,

but much rather about grit and

passion. The latter is what keeps

the sport alive in the hearts of

its players, and the fans are no

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