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Drawing sense out of ‘Nonsense’

16 May 2018 03:55am IST
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16 May 2018 03:55am IST
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A major in photography at the Goa College of Art, Jolynn Carneiro has used her creativity to go beyond photography to form a line of products with elegance and quirkiness. Café speaks to the young artist about her influences in bringing laughter and happiness into everyday objects


“‘Nonsense’ alludes to how I perceive life in a

ludicrous manner, and ‘Curry’ is my Goan origin,” says Jolynn Carneiro from Mapusa, as she explains how she came up with a name for her brand of home decor, fashion and quirky merchandise based out of Goa. “Breaking the monotony of grumpiness in the world is Nonsense Curry’s sole purpose, to share ludicrous scenarios of everyday life, perceived by Ms Eccentric and Mr Lunacy. I hope after meeting the two, you are infected with laughter and happiness that can be spread to the world again.”

Jolynn was influenced by her father, Anthony (Tony) Carneiro, who has always been into art and music; she feels that her love for all things quirky comes from him. On the other hand, her brother, Jonathan, is great at emulating sceneries.

Jolynn graduated from Goa College of Art with a major in photography and she photographs each of her products. “It all began from realising the way I construed life scenarios, evoked laughter and happiness in my peers and mates. For instance, if I heard a really bad joke, I would state ‘my uterus just hurt’ with how lame a joke it is. This is the kind of content that reflects in our merchandise,” she says. She has created lifestyle products with an alter-ego to go for each, like Shady holder (Terracotta lamp stands) Cowbell (neckties) Moon-tiffin (Khadi bags) and Edge (pouches), Fluff (throw pillows), Soda poppers (bottle openers) and button badges.

“I am working towards incorporating the idea of fashion and style with the content you have in your conversations. This is the message we would like to grind into the minds of people, especially all my fellow women out there, who all have what it takes to start anything they set their mind to by breaking norms and restrictions of society. If I can sell the word ‘poop’ on pillows for a genuine purpose to evoke laughter, anyone can sell anything with an underlying intention to bring positivity back to the world again,” she explains.

Jolynn’s products are available at Carneiro Frontier stores, Mapusa and Whispering Café, Uccassaim and at online portals like lovethisstuff.com, engrave. in and on Facebook . “My work can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. I receive a lot of orders from non Goans and expats through these sites, where people have psychically not seen the products. I get many walk-ins from foreigners who visit Carneiro Frontier stores, Mapusa who suggest what they want and I work according to their requirements. I make it a point to pass on my card for future orders,” says Jolynn.

“I want every product to be special for the client. It is not about one product but the whole presentation that should make them feel happy. I want them to feel overwhelmed when they receive it so I add special labels and write their names using textured paper,” she adds.

Jolynn uses raw material that is easily available in Goa, which gives it an earthy feel. “All the raw material is sourced from Goa itself. I love using a lot of khadi materials for my pillows and lamp shades and terracotta, which is also Goan. It feels nice to give a Goan touch to the products,” she concludes.

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