Herald: DrupalCamp Goa concludes on a high note

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DrupalCamp Goa concludes on a high note

15 Mar 2019 05:31am IST
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15 Mar 2019 05:31am IST
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DrupalCamp Goa 2019 was a vibrant chapter in the

book of global DrupalCamps. More than 160 technocrats gathered at Goa University to learn more about Opensource technology, Content Management Systems (CMS) and Disruptive Technology.

The event reached more than 40,000 people on social media and received over 300 registrations. The Chief Organiser, Shadab Ashraf, Head of Community - Srijan Technologies, kicked off DrupalCamp Goa by discussing the origins of Drupal and how the community grew to 1.3 million people globally.

More than 20 sessions were conducted and three workshops to teach the attendees about DevOps, PHP designs and code contributions on Drupal. The two keynotes, by Rachel Lawson, Community Liaison for Drupal Association and Dan Venkatesan, CEO, Ameex Technologies, revolved around how Drupal community is a global community and the importance to talent, value and culture. All sessions and workshops promoted coding and development, business and leadership in IT, Quality Assurance and Frontend and Web Design.

DrupalCamps are conducted all over the world with one simple goal, to educate people about web technology and to give back to the tech community.

DCG’19 witnessed pure passion towards IT, encouraged diversity and even witnessed mothers comings along with their children to this event. The event was completely free, attended by working professionals and students from all over the country. It was also attended by the ex- President of Drupal Germany - Stephan Lucknow, Drupal Europe Oragniser - Stefan Auditor and other delegates from Germany.

DrupalCamp Goa is an annual technology event and would return to Goa in March 2020.

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