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East appetisingly meets west

12 Jun 2018 07:18am IST
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12 Jun 2018 07:18am IST
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Golden Goa is often characterised as a melting pot

of cultures. There is no better place to experience this cosmopolitan vibe than Mustard. The haute cuisine restaurant serves up traditional Bengali delicacies alongside authentic French treats. Mustard is fondly known as the king of condiments and it features exceedingly well in the delicious dishes served up at its namesake restaurant.

Mustard is nestled in the quaint village of Sangolda. Its only a stone’s throw away from the famous sunny coastal beach belt of Calangute. The moment you set foot in the place, the décor will feel like you have been whisked away to a classy Parisian eatery. Homemade mustard and freshly baked bread are served to guests on arrival. The lively music plays its part in maintaining the fine decorum. Bollywood actors such as Sonakshi Sinha frequent this premium restaurant to satiate their taste buds.

You can choose from classic Bengali food such as Dal Puri and Kumror Chhokka and Bhapa Doi or be more adventurous by ordering the Rui Maacher Shorshe Jhaal, which features the delicious Rohu freshwater fish that is served up with mustard gravy with a sprinkling of Nigella seeds. Other favourites are the Kosha Mangsho, a rich slowly cooked mutton curry and the Maacher Chop, a Bengali potato chop, generously stuffed with spiced flaked fish.

Some of the popular dishes to try on the European menu include the Chicken Scaloppini, which comes with a pesto mustard dressing, the Crispy Fish with Ratatouille and the Pork Medallions, served with a sweet potato mash, runner bean fricassee along with green pepper and mustard sauce. A delicious selection of soups, salads and sandwiches are also available.

Shilpa Sharma and Poonam Singh are the mastermind duo who followed their passion for fine dining to conceptualise Mustard and introduced tasty Bengali fare to Goa. Chef Pritha Sen is a distinguished food historian who curates the menu for the Bengali kitchen, while French chef Gregory Bazire curates the French menu. Together, their culinary minds infuse to create innovative dishes with that distinctive mustard flavour.

The Freedom Tree designer home store that is connected to the restaurant, adds further elegance to the ambience of Mustard. The opportunity to treat your palate to a new gastronomic experience is too good to turn down and makes Mustard an irresistible proposition to tick off the Goa bucket list for a gourmand filled with wanderlust.

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