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Exploring the Wolf’s Lair

07 Dec 2017 05:39am IST
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07 Dec 2017 05:39am IST
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‘Wolf’s Lair’, authored by Mayank Singh, is a bold political thriller and India’s first military thriller which was released earlier this year. Mayank will be attending the Goa Art and Literature Festival for the very first time


Mayank Singh writes on

contemporary political and strategic issues and ‘Wolf’s Lair’ is his second book after his novella ‘Mumbai 26/11: The Untold Story’. “It took me two years to research and come out with the book. This was something that was not done before and I didn’t want it to be a run of the mill book as it was across countries and continents. Every detail had to be specific and I didn’t want to regret anything later,” says Mayank, about the research for the book.

Mayank Singh is Joint Registrar with the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), also his alma mater, from where he completed his Master’s, in Chemistry. The novel ‘Wolf’s Lair’ has in its backdrop a story of the hybrid war unleashed on India from Pakistani soil. ‘Wolf’s Lair’ takes the reader through the elaborate process of indoctrination of gullible youngsters, the conspiracy of the Pakistani Deep State and how it bleeds India through a thousand cuts.

The book is a work of fiction and yet it has all the right ingredients for making it a great read. “The Indian Army gave me a green signal and the book was reviewed before and after printing it by different reviewers. They know that the writers and publishers can change details so they wanted to be sure that the book is as they had read it, even after printing. I got great reviews. Though it is a piece of fiction and fiction writing can take liberties, it still can be stretched to a limit,” he explains.

The biggest endorsement and acknowledgement for ‘Wolf’s Lair’ has been from the Indian Army, which has approved the purchase of the novel for its libraries after undertaking its stringent review process. “There are 3,000 libraries across the country and you will find the book in each of them,” he says.

Through the book, Mayank takes the readers into the world of counter-terrorism operations and yet he writes in the language that is easy to understand and spiced with humour. “The book is pretty easy to read and understand as my son is in Class IX and he was able to read it in one go. It also requires the reader to have an inclination. I write on geopolitics and there is a good audience that has not been explored yet,” says Mayank.

He will be attending Goa Art and Literature festival for the very first time. “I have been to Goa as a tourist but this time, I am visiting as an author. I am very excited,” he concludes.

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