02 May 2021  |   03:40am IST

Extend lockdown without locking down economy say Goans

We are in the midst of a mini lockdown but with the number of cases staying consistent, would it make sense if the CM extended it to ensure the chain was broken
Extend lockdown without locking down economy say Goans

Team Café

This Lockdown was just a measure of precautions which was taken by the government. As the stock of vaccine is less, the lockdown should be extended according to my opinion. At least people will be aware there is a lockdown and will not step out unless it’s necessary. The lockdown is done without affecting the economy. My suggestion will be to allow only those who are in need to step out of the house. Like the way it’s done in Maharashtra state. We should provide the colour code for the vehicles who step out. If we practice the same in Goa it will be a very useful to reduce the number of cases and also ensure smooth traffic. Importance should be given to ambulances, the daily workers (industries) and vehicles that are transporting goods. All these vehicles should follow the protocol. Essential goods, shops and groceries should be open to providing home delivery to the people. This will reduce crowds in the public area. If we follow all this safety measures Goa is likely to be safe.


Naquelim Camorlim Salecte Goa

In Goa, given the severity of the crisis in the rapid widespread of this vicious virus, infection positivity rate close to 50% and the state medical infrastructure being stretched to limits (scarcity of oxygen, beds, medication,ventilators,vaccines),we definitely need to extend the current lockdown to a fortnight like our neighbor Maharashtra or this exercise is going to be futile .Extended lockdown will help break the transmission chain and also allow the state time to procure the necessary health support facilities. I urge every citizen also to follow the SOP guidelines in spirit and don’t discriminate against any Covid positive patients. We are in this together and shall get out of this together.

-ALISTON FERNANDES, IT Consultant, Panchwadi

Considering our positivity rate, yes it should definitely be extended. But not ad hoc, without proper planning, as especially for poor families and migrant workers, like the last year they have to plan in advance as to how they will provide them food, essential supplies etc, arrange medication or isolation facilities if someone gets Covid, as most of these people live in a single room together, which means if one person gets covid, then everyone in the house gets covid. It is easy to say extend a lockdown for privileged people like us, who have houses large enough and maybe some money to manage for food etc. But the poor families definitely cannot, so YES put a plan in place that they can actually execute and then go for a Lockdown.


Digital Marketer and Event Planner

Definitely, the current lockdown in Goa should be extended for at least another two weeks. This will help to effectively break the chain of covid infections while allowing some time to the government authorities to augment existing health care facilities in the state. Of course, the decision for the lockdown should have been taken at least a month ago when Goa was seeing a steady rise in COVID cases. Unfortunately, the constant denial of ground realities by the political leaders for reasons best known to them, despite fervent public pleas to impose travel restrictions into the State has cost us a huge loss of innocent lives. May better sense prevail.

Images of the current lockdown showing closed establishments and empty streets are clear indication of the fear of this present health crisis that has gripped the people’s minds. Ensuring uninterrupted availability of essential items and services during extended lockdown will prevent panic buying and unnecessary crowds in the markets.

VAUGHAN D’SOUZA, Location: Navelim, Student (Class 12)

Lockdown should definitely extend to at least 15 days looking at the current scenario of covid 19 cases in Goa. The state of Goa almost touched 50 percent positive Covid 19 cases and it will go out of hand if the government will not able to control the spread of virus.

VELANCIO MARTINS, Seafarer, Chinchinim

Should the Lockdown in Goa be extended? Yes indeed. To ensure the desired effect in breaking the chain of covid infections in our State, the CM should urgently pay heed to the advice from Doctors’ associations, professionals and his own colleagues and extend the lockdown by atleast another fortnight while allowing groceries, vegetables, and essential services to remain open under strict monitoring and enforcement by the Police. Early announcement of the same is advisable rather than keeping the general public speculating about his next step. This will soothe people’s minds and prevent unnecessary crowds in shops and markets resulting from fear and panic buying, as was seen during the lockdown last year. Curbs should be imposed for entry into the state, with mandatory requirement of a COVID test certificate, until the situation is brought under control.



The term lockdown is over abused, as it’s not a lockdown but “Restrictions” over certain activities which are currently going on in the state. In my personal opinion, looking at the average of positivity rate over a week which is around 45-48%, current restriction should be extended, but not a complete lockdown! A complete lockdown will further effect the crucial surviving Economy of the state. Now since the ball is in our court, it’s our duty to follow the protocols as we are mature enough to understand what the phase the Nation going through(without blaming anyone). I feel, the govt should work over medical infrastructure - procuring Oxygen Concentrators.



Iddhar Udhar