Herald: FC Goa fans bring out their creative side
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FC Goa fans bring out their creative side

10 Mar 2018 05:51am IST
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10 Mar 2018 05:51am IST
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The FC Goa squad is all set to take on their opponents for their first semi final match in the league against Chennaiyin FC. With the fans playing a huge part in motivating the FC Goa team, Cafe speaks to a few diehard fans on how they come up with their unique ideas for the games


When you enter the stadium for FC Goa’s first semi finals

match today against Chennaiyin FC, you will be welcomed by a ten piece brass band headed by Carlos Gonsalves. But the fans are even more eager to show their creativity for the game. Many come dressed, carrying motivating words on their banners and many even decorated their vehicles.

Damiao Fernandes from Calangute runs a bike and car rental service business on the coastal belt but once the Indian Super League begins, everything else takes a back seat. He plans a special costume for every match which goes beyond football. During Christmas season, Damiao took on the look of an entire Christmas tree. He has also dressed up as an English police officer and donned the horns of a Gaur to support the team.

“I have watched every FC Goa match in Goa in the stadium and I have been doing it from the time ISL was launched. This year, I have been for the away matches to Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune and I will be going for the semi-finals in Chennai as well. I plan my costumes in advance and many people look forward to what I’ll wear next. Unfortunately, I have been told that I can’t wear a costume for the semi-finals in Goa. I am still to get a positive answer before heading for the game,” says Damiao, who is part of the Calangute Fan Club. Nearly ten cars of fans leave from Calangute for every home match.

Dilip Satardekar travels all the way from Mayem, Bicholim in a new avatar for every match. He dressed up as Jai Malhar and Milkha Singh more recently. A school bus driver for the past 17 years, his dedication for his service, keeps him from travelling for away matches. “I used to play football earlier and I still keep myself fit through gymming. I have been following the FC Goa team since the first season and my favourite players are Corominas, Mandar, Lanzarote and Naveen Kumar. I have bought my own tickets for every match. Mayem is a place which is bustling with football players and it gives us more joy to see Goa performing so well,” says Dilip.

However, his biggest joy is his wife, Shilpa who didn’t know anything about football, is now following the games. “She watches every FC Goa home match as a game as well as to spot my few seconds on live TV. She also encourages me to do something different for every game,” says Dilip, who is always accompanied by his best buddies, Vivek Kudaskar and Manoj Gaonkar. Dilip is also seen a fan club videos.

Francis Clark from Macazana is often accompanied by his family when he out for a game. He has decorated his Maruti 800 with the colours and logos of the FC Goa team. “Every year I change the design on the car. I own a radium shop and the designs are easily available on the internet. This year, I drove to Pune with my family in the car. We wanted to go to Jamshedpur but it was too far to drive. We wish all the best to the team,” says Francis.

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